A nostalgic expression of wilderness | Introducing, Idaho. featured image

We are delighted to introduce you to Idaho, a considered collection that echoes a nostalgic expression of wilderness. Superior craftsmanship coupled with a desire to tell a story emulates throughout the collection, weaving tales of ancient landscapes; statement shapes mirror rugged elements of the region and bold lines nod to the mountainous peaks that contour the land.

Natural and untreated stones of Grey Spinel and Savannah Sunstone feature throughout Idaho, which together, mimic the glow of twilight; the crisp, clear light that shines with quiet stillness before the hues of dawn flood the sky with colour. At heart, Idaho honours the grandeur and richness of the natural world. 

Idaho is otherwise known as the Gem State, referring to its natural beauty of mountainous landscapes, swaths of protected wilderness and a long history of producing a variety of gem materials. As we came to learn of this, we began to search for stones that were as unique as the origins of which it was found.

The Wilder Stone is a rare stone that is available exclusively from the mid North West of America, and it was the first stone that solidified our vision for the collection as its shape took on that of the landscapes around it, with interesting curves and textures. Ironically, when it came to producing Idaho, we weren’t able to receive this stone in time, but it came together with ease, with the considered addition of the Savannah Sunstone and Grey Spinel; both in which work harmoniously with the delicate wirework and bold, statement forms that are intertwined throughout the collection.


“Idaho is an ode to the unspeakable beauty of the natural world. We were deeply inspired by the raw and untouched elements of Idaho, and it was within these elements of which we continued to draw inspiration. Idaho pays homage to the origins of its namesake. It weaves tales of ancient landscapes and transports us to the wild heart of the North West.”


Statement minimalism is championed with The Kamali story, an elegant and whimsical story that embodies the meandering rivers of Idaho as they twist through canyons and across plains. Exceptional craftsmanship is beautifully exemplified with the intracity of each and every interwoven wire that features across the story.

Signature stone pieces take new shapes in the form of our Mai story, featuring the Savannah Sunstone and Grey Spinel both of which have been custom-cut and left untreated in their natural form. Crafted consciously with delicate wirework, the Mai story creates an elevated sense of quiet luxury. Beautiful when worn individually or paired with other Idaho pieces.

Created by hand from recycled Australian-mined materials, Idaho is designed to be treasured and worn with love.

Perfectly delicate details pair with bold lines and statement textures, making each piece a welcome addition to any cherished collection of personal modern heirlooms.