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No need for an occasion, milestone or reason, Eau is made by us, just for you.  Inspired by the conceptual idea of water, the tides and the moon, this all new 73 piece collection incorporates a blend of both precious and semi-precious stones, and delivers a unique combination of fine jewellery mixed with everyday wearability.


Our designers Natalie and Em describe it as a fresh light story, akin to a summer rainstorm. Pulled by the moon and shaped by the water, the story of Eau is one in line with the natural flow of day to night.


 We generally begin the design process with an overarching theme which tends to include forms, shapes and colours,” explains Natalie. “From here, we pull out the key concepts and develop those into the different stories by isolating particular details that become a signature for that sub collection.

We interpreted the conceptual idea around water for Eau into elliptical and crescent forms, detailed with our signature beading and accented by freshwater seed pearls. The collection embodies the intertwined, cyclical nature of these elements”.



Watery, pale green amethyst sits aside soft white pearls, diamonds and smokey quartz, creating a cool colour palette and five new stories flow together to create a collection which is designed to mix and match, stack and collect.


Our stone choices were led directly from the initial inspiration. All of the semi-precious stones in this collection are specially custom cut for Natalie Marie and sourced in line with our strong dedication to responsible practise. 

The green amethyst and smokey quartz was sourced from Brazil and custom cut into the baguette and oval shapes. We selected a specific depth of tone for the amethyst to ensure we could achieve a balance of clarity and vibrancy and for the smokey quartz, chose the dusky warmth to offset the clarity of the green and the luminescence of the pearls. 

We included pearl accents alongside our traditional diamond details in this collection as a pearl’s lustre is reminiscent of the moons radiance and it brings the collection’s concept full circle, being a stone born of the water”,explains Em.


Having studied and worked together, our designers Em and Natalie have spent almost a decade side by side. As a result, they’ve created a balanced, symbiotic creative process that always ends in sync, yet independent enough to build a cohesive, balanced range of designs.


There are several sub-stories within Eau, which Em said organically grew within the collection: “Our core stories like the Kadhi and Alya are minimal in design and defined by the initial inspiration behind the collection. 

As we build out these stories, new concepts emerge which are more detailed and multi layered. Here, we start introducing the accent stones like the pearls and the diamonds, with the intention of creating pieces which are multi-faceted in their wearability. 

Our intention with design is always to create modern heirlooms pieces which are not trend driven or transient, but designed to be simultaneously relevant and classic and hold the potential to stand the test of time. Our pieces are thoughtfully handcrafted with a great deal of care and dedication to quality. We see jewellery as an investment, a long term staple to be worn and cherished”.


When you purchase from Eau, every single piece is custom made, by us, just for you. Don’t wait for a birthday or anniversary to find your own piece of forever. We are so in love with Eau and we know you will be too.


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Photography - Sam Riles @samantharilesphotography

Stylist & Props - Christelle Schifo @fleurette__

Hair & Make-up - Vic Anderson @vicanderson

Model - Abbie Heath @abbie_heath