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Jewellery is something that often makes its way to our ‘love to have’ lists instead of ‘must-have’. Many of us seem to think it should be saved for special occasions or milestones – and yes it absolutely should, but it’s also something wethink should make it’s way into your wardrobes whenever your heart desires. Jewellery is a keepsake; something to wear and love and last forever, which is why we’re so excited about our latest collection, Eau


Inspired by the conceptual idea of the water, the tides and the moon then interpreted into elliptical and crescent forms, Eau embodies the intertwined, cyclical nature of these elements and seamlessly combines fine jewellery with elevated designs.


Like everything at Natalie Marie, each piece is made to order, meaning when you make a purchase online, our small, talented, Sydney based team get right to work making that design, just for you.


Ready to treat yourself? Here are our top picks:


Smokey Quartz Wrap Ring: Smokey Quartz was known as the stone of power. It brings strength, stability and a sense of personal pride, so we love the idea of purchasing this wrap ring as a treasured gift to yourself. Simple, sophisticated and timeless, the Smokey Quartz is an heirloom style you’ll wear forever.



Tiny Baguette Studs: Available in both Smokey Quartz and Green amethyst, whether you’re in need of a little grounding or just love the intricate design, these Tiny Baguette Studs are ideal for easy, every day wear.



Lani Necklace: An elevated take on our previous ‘Loop-Through’ designs that have become synonymous with Natalie Marie, the interwovenoval forms, the asymmetry of the form itself and the contrasting clean shapes with beaded detailing have come together beautifully to create a unique pendant that can be worn effortlessly every day.



Kai Signet – Green Amethyst: An updated take on the staple signet, the Kai is an elevated, contemporary design. The inclusion of the east to west set baguette into a classic signet style pushes this nostalgic style to a new, exciting place. 



Tiny Kadhi Studs: Minimal in design and defined by the initial inspiration of the Eau Collection, the Tiny Kadhi Studs have been created as modern, multi-faceted heirlooms; they are simultaneously relevant and classic. Wear them daily or wear them to make a statement, we love them for both purposes equally.



Explore the full Eau Collection here.