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Created in celebration of love, The Wedding Collective is our newly launched curation of ceremonial treasures that are an ode to the many sentimental moments we have shared with our clients. Having played a role in untold engagements, we wanted to extend the connection to our customers by dedicating precious pieces for their big day, and every special moment that follows.

As part of this, we connected with our NMJ Lovers, past and present to honour their love stories - a sentimental tradition that is at the heart of everything we do as a brand. 

From the moment they met, fresh out of High School, to now and the months leading up to their wedding, NMJ Lovers Ross and Eloise have always had a deep connection and strong love for each other. When reading their answers about love, it is as if this love is tangible; it's a gift that was formed from the moment they met all those years ago. Most simply put, their love story feels like an ode to the saying,"When you know, you know".

For their special day, Ross and Eloise will be embracing both old and new traditions to commemorate the unity of both families - Ross wearing his family’s signet ring and welcoming a newer tradition of the “lucky sixpence” with our Aeneid Wedding Coin, a tradition that has been lost over time. While Eloise will embrace sentiments of something old, something new, and something blue with the Ode Necklace.

Here, we chat with them about their love story and what traditions mean to them.


Let’s start from the beginning, how did you two meet?

Ross: It was mid-2011 and we'd finished school and started Uni life. I was out with friends, just another night, and I noticed Eloise from the moment she walked into the room, a few glances here and there, a short chat, and a laugh. Little did we know that this moment was the start of a lifelong bond.

Eloise: I had just turned 18 and my friend asked me to come out to the city one night with some friends. She obviously had a reason in mind to get me to come along because she insisted I join them. She introduced me to Ross straight away and we got chatting. We haven’t stopped chatting since.

NMJ Lovers, Ross and Eloise

We’re excited to know you’re getting married in May 2021! What are your thoughts around ceremonial traditions, and will you be adopting any for your own celebration?

Ross: I like to think about ways to adapt and expand upon traditions. New and fun ideas that stem from tradition which can make our special day that little bit more unique. “A penny in the shoe” is a fun example of this, and as soon as we heard about it, we wanted to include it in our day. I will keep the Wedding Coin in my shoe, and it will double as a memento after the event. Eloise and I are still talking about the ideas for our ceremony, and we’ll be looking to create some traditions of our own. I’ll also be proudly wearing my family’s signet ring which my father had created for each person in the family to signify our family ties. Eloise will be receiving one of these very signets after the wedding.

Eloise: I love weddings and the traditions passed down through time with all the stories they create. Being able to continue those traditions is so important to us to keep those stories alive and to allow them to grow. One tradition that has always stuck with me is the “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, and now I have a necklace to link that tradition into one piece of jewellery and to wear for the rest of my life. All I need to find now is my borrowed something...


Are there any family traditions that influenced you to choose these pieces?

Ross: The traditions of commemorating and joining of family will be the influence behind my choice of jewellery on the day. Including some pieces from Eloise’s late grandfather that I will be wearing to symbolise his part in our family and his continued connection and influence on us.

Eloise: I was going through my grandparents wedding album with my family and listening to all the stories about each photo. The smiles and laughter that comes through retelling them made me want to continue the family traditions, along with creating new ones for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. Speaking to my family about wedding traditions, everyone has done the old custom “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, it’s definitely a tradition I want to keep going.

NMJ Lovers, Ross and Eloise

Luckily for Eloise, I love the idea of a traditional engagement ring, but with a bespoke touch - a thoughtful, custom piece that means something to both of us. The team at NMJ helped me to bring that idea to reality by designing a ring with all the elements I wanted to capture.


At NMJ, we believe jewellery is a form of storytelling, self-expression, and individualism. What does jewellery mean to you?

Ross: Jewellery to me is a vessel for sentiment. To me, it’s less about the price, the metal, or the stone inside, but rather the meaning behind it, the sharing of a moment that is stored in the piece that reflects the feeling, the memory, and the emotion of the time. I will often look at the jewellery Eloise chooses to wear and think about the different moments in time that each piece represents, or reminds me of.

Eloise: Jewellery to me is like a photograph, there’s always a story and emotion behind it. When I look at my engagement it reminds me of Ross and my holiday to Japan where he proposed. It brings back all the rush of emotions I had when he got down on one knee. Ross put so much thought and meaning into the entire design of my ring. I’ve always imagined a traditional but unique engagement ring. Something simple and classic that would outlast the style of the time, however, I wanted to be able to say it was one of a kind. It had to have something no other ring had, with a story behind the design.

NMJ Lovers, Ross and Eloise

What are you most looking forward to on your special day?

Ross: I’m most looking forward to the moment I first see Eloise walking down the aisle in her dress. I don’t doubt that my emotions will break the surface, and tears will flow. I know it’s coming, and nothing will compare to being present in that moment, and those that follow.

Eloise: All my family and friends who are married tell me that it’s stressful planning and not worry because the day goes by so quickly and it’s over before you know it. I’m most looking forward to the moment when I look into Ross’ eyes and don’t have to worry about how fast the day is going or all the stress and nerves because I’ll know I’ve got the rest of my life to spend with him by my side.


At NMJ, at the heart of everything we do is love. Tough question, but tell us, what do you know about love?

Ross: Love is the joy of seeing your significant other after they’ve been away. It’s the sacrifices that you both make that bring you closer. It’s understanding, listening, and always supporting. It’s the unexpected smile when you realise how happy you are in a moment with your partner, and the desire for those moments to persist for the rest of your lives.

Eloise: Very tough question because there are no words for love. I know what I've learned from my experience with love. Being in love leaves you so vulnerable and exposed, however, it’s with the person you want to be exposed to. It should allow you to grow as an individual, as well as a couple. It should never be taken for granted and most importantly should be reciprocated. Ross is someone who loves with a full heart and without question. Being the person who receives such a precious gift is honestly the scariest yet most beautiful thing I could ever ask for. I can’t speak for him, but I hope I make him feel a glimpse of how he makes me feel every day.

NMJ Lovers, Ross and Eloise

Feeling inspired to keep traditions close on your special day? Discover the "Something Sentimental" edit from our Wedding Collective here. 

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