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We proudly share with you our family of stockists (which you can view here), whereby our jewellers create by hand curated collections to be shared with you all over the world. From Avalon all the way to LA, we are delighted to be welcomed into the Fred Segal family, and share our passion internationally. Iconically located on Sunset Boulevard in LA, Fred Segal exudes a sense of passion, creativity and curated charm. Fred Segal is an ode to the authentic West Coast lifestyle, known for creating a recognisable retail scene since the 60's that's the heart of LA pop culture, and we spoke with their VP of Merchandising and Brand Development, Ashley Petrie to find out more...


We have customers and followers from all over the world. As an American brand, can you tell our audience a little bit about the Fred Segal brand ethos and how the brand came to be?

We have been part of the fabric of LA culture and lifestyle for the past 60 years. Serving as a platform for a vast wave of designers and emerging talent from around the world, being a place where influential brands first launch their collections and go onto become household names. The brand originally launched in Malibu and has since expanded across the world combining a dynamic hub of art, fashion and design. Today, our stores represent a laid-back approach to luxury, as an inclusive community of stores and experiential concepts that encompass discovery and authenticity.


Fred Segal has seen decades of style icons turning to the brand as it quickly became the place to see and be seen. Can you share some of the most notable names or moments that have been through the doors of your original West Hollywood store?

Since we opened our West Hollywood flagship in 2017, there have been so many memorable moments and special guests. One of my favourite events was the Nomad pop-up we launched with Brown’s in 2018, recreating a version of their London based store here in LA. There was such an incredible synergy between our brands, I wish they could have stayed forever. 


We love that Fred Segal is an ode to the authentic West Coast lifestyle. Can you tell us how this philosophy transcends to the fashion and brands found within the store?

We have always represented the quintessential west coast lifestyle through our brand ethos and our vision of laid-back luxury. We understand there is certainly an LA uniform that is most notably casual, and we are continuing to evolve and redefine this within every season to represent an inclusive offering of brands and ideas that speak to a wide audience. From the beginning, we mixed jeans and tees with luxury items as a statement of the way people approach dressing. We changed the retail landscape by mixing these ideas and creating a friendly and approachable environment where you can comb through product and discover something new. We have carried this philosophy forward today as we look at new concepts and new ways to make the store inclusive within our community.


Fred Segal’s vision for fashion liberated by lifestyle and inspired by design is still obviously the driving force. What is it about your ethos that continues to resonate with your audience, setting Fred Segal apart from other retailers?

Retail today faces new challenges, and we set out to create a different kind of experience that connects our customers to our community. Our Experiential shop-n-shop environments allow customers to experience something outside of traditional retail by becoming fully immersed within every brands story. The fact the store is constantly changing means you always know you can find something new, and this gives our customers a reason to constantly come back. 

Our brand is based on love, connection, and sentiment. Why do you think NMJ resonates with your customers?

Our mantra has always been focused around the idea of love, and to ‘love one another’. The collection feels like a tangible expression of this sentiment, and it naturally attracted me to the collection through the craftsmanship and focus on sustainability. I love the traditional styling combined with the minimalist aesthetic, being a unique concept for our customers to experience.


What is your favourite piece from the NMJ collection that you know your customers are going to love?

One of my personal favourites is the Precious Dotted Oval Wrap Ring in Rutilated Quartz. I love the shape and colour of this ring and know our customers will love the unique aspects of its styling. This seems to be the defining theme of all NMJ designs.


If a Fred Segal customer asked about NMJ, how would you describe the brand and its connection to your wares?

So much to say about the beauty of this brand! To sum it up I would describe NMJ as timeless, ethical, and hand made locally in Australia. These are pieces that will last you forever and continue to represent a moment, a milestone, or a celebration for years to come. Every piece is handmade with love and care, and the quality and craft resonate in each of her designs.  


To all our US friends, discover NMJ at the Fred Segal Sunset Boulevard store or online here.