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These hands below to Andrew, our Head of Customer Service. When you contact NMJ, Andrew will usually be the person on the other end. With his kind and compassionate approach he will be guiding you through the process, or liaising with our production team to ensure every customer receives the NMJ experience we are known for.

Andrew is a dedicated and positive member of our NMJ family, and is a self-confessed hermit who loves movie marathons and Charlie Chaplin. Get to know more about Andrew below...


Who do these hands belong to? 

Andrew, Head of Customer Service.


What is your role at Natalie Marie Jewellery, and how long have you been on the team? 

As Head of Customer Service, I have the privilege of assisting our customers through some of the most beautiful and special moments. I’m relatively new to the team but already feel at home.


When did you first come across Natalie Marie Jewellery? 

One of my best friends purchased his bespoke engagement ring from NMJ, and he couldn’t stop raving about the process. Needless to say, the final product was absolutely incredible, and I was hooked!


Andrew, head of customer service at the Natalie Marie showroom in Avalon Beach and at the head office on the next image

Describe a typical day for you...

Like many, my day doesn’t start until that first coffee. From there, it’s engaging with customers and liaising with our Production Team to make sure all our customers get the NMJ experience we’re known for!


What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

This one has to be my watch, which my partner purchased for me. It marks a beautiful time in my life with her.  


What is your favourite Natalie Marie piece?

The Diamond Chione Ring is my favourite! It’s new to NMJ, but the design has already made an impact!


Where would we find you on the weekend? How do you unwind?

Brunch is in my DNA, and it’s not a weekend without it! After brunch, it’s either reading a book, pumping out 3D designs and animations on my computer (I do have quite a geeky streak in me), or just sitting back with a movie marathon.


Coffee or tea? How do you take it?

Coffee, but true to my unusual nature, not your standard coffee. I’ve recently started down the mushroom coffee path and can’t see myself turning back!


A zoom on a male taking notes standing in front of a product display with signet rings

What's the phone app you use most?

I have to say the most common is reddit, following communities of people with shared interests in films, books and other domains!


Beach, city or mountains?

Mountains, hands down. I easily get lost in the scale, and no matter what’s going on in life, they always remind me there’s something unseen exciting and interesting around the bend! 


What inspires you?

Getting deep! Although it may sound counterintuitive, knowing just how small we are in the cosmos inspires me to be myself and bold enough to take risks (and acknowledging that sometimes, being yourself feels like a risk).


If you could live anywhere else, apart from Sydney, where would it be?

There are two locations that instantly jump to mind, both with dramatic mountain landscapes: Queenstown, New Zealand and Santorini in Greece.


What's one thing that can instantly make your day better?

I am a bit of a hermit, so getting deep into a podcast, movie or book always recharges me and instantly makes my day brighter!


A close up of Andrew, head of customer service at NMH, with a big smile wearing a white linen shirt

What are you currently reading or listening to?

Currently reading “Who Rules the World” by Noam Chomsky and listing to the Jocko Wilink Podcast.


What are you most grateful for?

I’ve been outrageously lucky in life. Growing up in Sydney with an incredibly supportive family, there’s a lot to be grateful for!


If you could spend the day with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you do?  

Charlie Chaplin! He brought so much laughter to the world, and today more than ever, it feels like we need someone like him. I’d love to just chat with him and watch some of his films, getting his insights into what went into making them (especially the Great Dictator, a personal favourite).


If you were not working at NMJ, what would you be doing?

I love people and being creative, which is why something in the arts, like acting, animation, and really anything film related, would be where I’d find a home!


What is the best piece of advice you've been given?

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” This just resonated and has stuck with me.


What is on your wish list right now?

Travel would be up there. I didn’t realise how much I loved it until I couldn’t!


What is your favourite gemstone?

Parti sapphire, for sure. 

Andrew, sitting at a desk writing in his notebook at the Natalie Marie head office, talking and laughing with a female coworker and showing a rose gold signet ring in the next image

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