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These hands belong to Beth, our Senior Production Jeweller. Coming from a family of jewellers, it is almost as though she was destined to become a jeweller, leading to become a part of the NMJ Team. Bringing a light hearted and humourous energy to the studio, Beth has a methodical approach to all that she does, from her craft, to her daily chai latte.

From her favourite holiday, to the best piece of advice she has been given, learn more about Beth below.... 


Who do these hands belong to?

Just Beth. I say that because everyone always assumes Beth is short for something, but…it’s just Beth!


What is your role at Natalie Marie Jewellery and how long have you been on the team? 

Senior Jeweller and I have been here for a year.


Describe a typical day for you?

On my way to work, I listen to audiobooks if im not giving a lift to a fellow work buddy. Once I get to Avalon, I grab a chai – always and only a chai. Don’t give me coffee, I will not sleep! Even if I drink it at 9am, by 9pm, no sleep for me!! With my warm chai in hand I always try to make time to check out the beach, more often than not to unwind after my commute. I like a moment of calm before the day ahead!

Then I head into work and crack a good old 'Berocca' and get started. Depending on my day I either work on bespoke or online jobs while assisting junior jewellers. Sometimes I assist with design work and giving notes on new pieces and how the handcrafting process unfolds. It’s enjoyable to problem-solve and work out kinks in designs so that we can bring the best, most refined design to life. Then its home time, and a big smooch from my kitty cats!

What or who inspires you?

My parents both being jewelers have had a massive influence on my life. I would not be were I am today with out them. My parents actually met at Tafe while studying jewellery, Dad talked Mums ear off about anything and everything. I think I have definitely taken on that trait, and obviously the jeweller side of things too. The way they approach their craft - Dad is never satisfied always looking at ways to improve or best way to create the most perfect end result, and Mum keeps him in line with her organisation and methodical approach - I would like to think I am the perfect mix of the two!


What advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a jeweller?

If you like manicured nails this job might not be for you.


What is your favourite Natalie Marie piece to make?

Anything 18ct, and particularly Bespoke pieces. Each time it’s a little bit different, I like the variety that comes with Bespoke and seeing unique stones cross my bench. Being a part of bringing someone’s vision and dream ring to life creates a sense of achievement. I secretly love seeing clients cry with happiness when they see their piece for the first time. 

From our online collection, I have always loved the Leilani Wedding Band. I haven't had the chance to make one yet, but hopefully one crosses my bench soon!


What is your favourite TV series for binge watching?

Stranger things but ask me again in 3 months I flip flop. 


If you could have any famous artist — dead or alive — create a work of art just for you, who would you commission?

Graeme Balchin. I met him through oil painting lessons at my local art gallery and instantly adored his photo realism.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Keep it simple silly. I think I picked this up in primary school, but it stuck with me!

What’s the best holiday you have ever taken?

Montana, skiing and cocktails in the hot springs next to the mountain side. 


Camping. Yes please or no way? 

How about glamping?


What is your favourite restaurant or cuisine to eat?

Breakfast food and any thing good as long as my man Zac is there. And depending on the day, its sweet French toast or eggs Benedict with chorizo.


If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pub Song by Scoot the Loot. Fellow jeweller here at NMJ, Vinny, this is his band. I went to see him perform a while ago, and it has been stuck in my head since!


What is part of your daily routine that you look forward to every day?

Chai time! After trial and error I have found my favourite Chai here in Avalon, and I honestly look forward to it each day. 


The quote you live your life by?  

Better to light a candle than to curse the dark. 

Captured by: @tealily