These Hands | Ella featured image

These hands belong to Ella - our Online Manager. Known for her infectious smile, love of coffee and owning an enviable collection of Natalie Marie pieces. Meet the personality behind the hands below.


Who do these hands belong to? 

Ella - Online Manager

What is your role at Natalie Marie Jewellery, and how long have you been part of the team?

The best way to describe the role I play is 'a bit of this and that' and in all honesty, I wouldn't have it any other way. I work alongside our beautiful Head of Production, Madi, as part of the online team. I am lucky enough to be involved in the ordering process from start to finish, from the initial processing of each order that comes through online, to the packaging and organising the dispatch of every piece. There is also a lot of customer interaction involved with my role, whether that be via phone call, emails or face-to-face, and I occasionally liaise with our lovely suppliers. 

Has your role changed since you first started?

I initially started around a year ago as a part-time casual, dealing mostly with customers in our original little den of a studio around the corner from our current studio. I was essentially an add-on to the lovely ‘other Ella’ (yes, there are two Ella's in the studio!) and helped with the first point of contact with customers. Although I have managed to cling onto aspects of my role, such as being the first point of contact for phone calls, I have predominantly migrated over to the online team and handle all of the postage and customer service involved.


Describe a typical day for you...

When dealing with customers and people in general, no two days are the same, which I can’t be more thankful for. My day can change so simply because of the vivacious energy people bring to it. In general, I am lucky enough to get the morning greeting from the famous Secure Simon (Daniel's Father and our in-house courier), who delivers materials and packages to both our suppliers and customers within the Sydney area. Throughout the day, I am constantly between packaging and posting pieces, administrative work on the production side and speaking with customers. 

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

The one I am yet to receive. My mum is currently withholding a beautiful sapphire ring that was passed down to her by my Great Auntie. I have my fingers crossed for my 24th birthday…

What is your favourite Natalie Marie piece?

Who can name only one… The Macie Ring has been my favourite of our retired styles and was constantly in my cart at checkout but I have been lucky enough to own two of my other winners – the Rutilated Quartz Ring and the Dotted Mana Necklace.

When did you first come across Natalie Marie Jewellery?

I remember gazing at the collection in the boutique, The Independent, in Manly and it has been my guilty pleasure ever since.

Where would we find you at the weekend?

A picnic somewhere, with blankets, pillows and the sun on my face.

Coffee or tea? How do you take it?

Coffee. Just simply that, no sugar, no milk. If I feel like a hug, I’ll add a drop of honey.

Beach, City or Mountains?

Beach, but I wouldn’t say no to a quick dip in a waterfall up in the mountains of Guatemala. 

What inspires you?

I think people really inspire me. Hearing people’s aspirations and their achievements will always push me to do more. I’m inspired by my friends – having kids, traveling to every inch of the world, getting jobs I didn’t know existed, or working in jobs that I could simply never do, studying and just doing life with a constant giggle. People I’ve met in passing and will never see again, their lives are so different from mine, inspires me to expand on what I want in my life. Oh, and obviously the thought that I will own another dog one day will always keep me going.

If you were not working at NMJ, what would you be doing?

I would be studying/working in nutrition and dietetics – I would love to work in a hospital one day.

What are you listening to right now? 

Ziggy Alberts. Always.

Describe your perfect day...

My perfect day would start with a café breakfast – coffee, scrambled eggs & co, with the lovely company of the usual suspects. The perfect day would be sunny (approx. 25 degrees), with a nice mist hanging around. Lazing around the beach when the water is warm, with a good book for a touch of down time. An afternoon activity – a walk or something where you are moving to work up an appetite for a cheese platter. We’d probably be camping, with a fire at night, a sneaky red wine here or there and salmon for dinner, with a bit of pesto and veggies. Done. Happy. 

What is your favourite daily ritual?

My daily walk or run – I absolutely love running in the dark, it makes me feel very peaceful regardless of what is happening around me. 

What are you most grateful for?

The opportunities that are constantly offered to me without even realising.

What is your least known talent?

I can fix a car with duct tape, you should see my car.

If you could share a pot of tea with anyone, who would it be?

My Grandma from England. 

Finally, what is your favourite gemstone?

Rutilated Quartz.