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Our vintage jewellery collection is carefully curated, we always aim to hand pick pieces which represent something truly unique. Most of the pieces in this collection are of European origin, and some date back as far as the Victorian and Edwardian eras, these are mixed in with a handful of more modern, art deco style pieces.


As jewellers with a great appreciation for process, we are always on the look out for a high level of workmanship and detailing in our sourcing. We select designs which represent particular styles and specific eras which have inspired our own design processes. Its important to us that these pieces are also in line with our general aesthetic, and make sense for our contemporary client.


Each piece is carefully reviewed by our jewellers and often requires some level of restoration. This includes stone tightening, repolishing and cleaning. We try to bring the piece back to an almost new state, while preserving minor flaws which reflect the character, age and story behind the piece. The goal is to bring new life to the piece, while respecting and honouring its history and maintaining as much of that as possible. 



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