Originating in Asia, Ancient Egyptians would adorn earrings to signify their wealth status and class. Today, earrings are an elegant and integral component of many peoples’ daily ensembles. Crafted in different shapes, sizes and materials, they are a sophisticated way to add personality or style to an outfit or wardrobe.

Speak loudly with a pair of gemstone earrings, or opt for a classic approach with a pair of petite silver earrings. Each Natalie Marie Jewellery design – from gold earrings to diamond earrings – is brought to life with our exceptional attention to detail and commitment to sustainable construction and materiality.

In recent years, earrings have come to be embraced and worn by men and women around the world. At Natalie Marie Jewellery, we take pride in our curation of earrings and approach their construction with the same ethos that shapes all our collections: they are intended for a lifetime of love – to be worn every day; integrated into your daily uniform.

For those seeking a more delicate take on the jewellery mainstay, our edit of fine stud designs offer discrete sparkle for your day-to-day, whilst our organically layered Dalí styles are a statement making alternative to the classic hoop shape.

Overall, earrings are a versatile and popular type of jewellery that can be worn on just about any occasion. Whether you prefer simple and understated studs or ornate and elaborate chandelier earrings, there is sure to be a pair of earrings that is perfect for you. Explore our full collection of consciously crafted Natalie Marie Jewellery earrings, made in yellow, rose or white gold, and silver, including our Amalia Hoops and Crescent Studs.


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