One of a Kind

The Natalie Marie Jewellery family features a close-knit team of incredible creatives, designers and jewellers. When they aren’t bringing our clients’ bespoke visions to life, they’re busy conjuring unique, heart-filled, One of a Kind pieces to share with our community – slowly crafted, intended for greatness.

These pieces – from one of a kind engagement rings to delicate necklaces – are a distillation of all we hold dear at NMJ: responsible and conscious creation, inclusivity and transparency, material excellence, and a refined balance of tradition and innovation. They also serve as a conversation between our artisans and the materials; each maker is guided by the medium, creating an exclusive piece forged to signify a moment in time.

With only one of each design available, our ready-to-ship One of a Kind collection offers clients an exquisite way to express their affection, for when love just can’t wait.

Discover your One of a Kind keepsake today, or explore our collection of mindfully crafted, unique Engagement Rings.


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