One and only. Rings have been harnessed for centuries as symbols religious or cultural beliefs, and gold rings were historically adorned to signify commitment and marital status. And at their most foundational level, rings are circular, unending bands worn around the finger, typically as an ornament or a symbol of a commitment. Today, they are accessories imbued with any number of meanings or emotions, as diverse as the person wearing it. Crafted from a spectrum of materials, rings are artful additions to a statement outfit or everyday wardrobe.

In addition to their symbolic significance, rings can also have practical uses. Signet rings, for example, have been used for centuries to seal important documents and signify authority. Championship rings are awarded to sports teams or individual athletes as a symbol of their victory in a competition. And they are popular as fashion accessories, from simple and understated to bold and ornate, to suit different tastes and occasions.

We take great care and pride in our curation of consciously created designs – from silver rings to gemstone rings – and we look forward to sharing our different collections with you. Explore our edit of Fine Rings, Signet Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Curated Ring Sets today, or speak to our friendly team about beginning your bespoke ring journey with Natalie Marie Jewellery.


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