Bespoke Production Coordinator

Bespoke Production Coordinator

We are looking for a passionate Jewellery Production Coordinator to join this treasured part of our business. With the growth of our Bespoke department, we are looking for a hyper organised individual who understands jewellery production and can manage a busy and unique production schedule and supply-chain. It is incredibly important to us that this person has an in-depth understanding and experience within the jewellery industry for them to be able to manage this unique part of our business. 

The key responsibilities of the role include (but are not limited to): 

Production management of high volume of Bespoke client orders to ensure pieces are finished within our advised production timeframes.

Quality control checking pieces throughout the process of production and before customer collection to ensure the highest quality is achieved.

Liaising with and nurturing our supply-chain to be to understand the strengths and weaknesses. Work on the weaknesses to improve them, while supporting and challenging the strengths.

Management of the critical path of each piece in production, ensuring all master records are kept up to date and accurate.

Assisting and encouraging the Bespoke Team to be accountable for each of their clients, client stones and critical path.

Leading the weekly Bespoke team meeting, reviewing pending stones, Collection/Completion of job bags ready for production from consultants, reviewing production schedule and jeweller workloads.

Preparation of all job bags to go to jewellers, ensuring accuracy of information.

Improvement and scaling of production, ensuring it remains as accurate and efficient as possible with the growth of the business.

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