CanadaMark™ Diamonds

Where they're mined

The Ekati Diamond Mine was opened in 1998, producing the first diamonds to enter into the world market after over 30 years of diamond exploration in Canada. Two additional mines, the Diavik and Gahcho Kué mines have since opened and are also producing authentic CanadaMark™ Diamonds. All three mines are located in the Canadian Northwest Territories, approx. 200km south of the Arctic Circle.

Grading System

These diamonds are graded in line with normal white and coloured diamond guidelines respectively, there is no unique grading system for CanadaMark™ diamonds.


Available colours range from white, through to champagne and some colours such as yellow. These fancy colours are not as common, however


A branded CanadaMark™ certificate of authenticity is always supplied with each CanadaMark™ diamond, and some can also be accompanied by an additional GIA certificate, however this is on a case by case basis as not all stones have gone through this extra certification process.


Due to the company’s ethical considerations and independent auditing processes, and the harsh climate conditions in which they are mined which requires special machinery and equipment, CanadaMark™ diamonds are generally more valuable than diamonds of comparable size and quality from other mines.