Celebrating 10 Years of NMJ

Hearts collide in a creative collaboration of jewellery and art. The synergies between the artistic and jewellery realms are ceaseless; each has the capacity to transcend the physical and become symbolic and timeless. In celebration of our first decade, Founder Natalie Fitch and Artist Ash Holmes have crafted an exclusive edit of works, Gold in Quartz, in their respective mediums.

Gold in Quartz | The Collections

Dedicated to love, growth, expression and creative maturation, discover our limited-edition birthday collection, Gold in Quartz. An exclusive edit of 10 one-off designs – a piece for each year of Natalie Marie Jewellery – the collection features rare Australian native gold in quartz. Inspired by Natalie’s custom edit, Ash has created 10 accompanying works of visual art. Both mediums speak the same aesthetic language: that of the heart and hand working in unison, deeply appreciative of process and material, surrendering to the practice – each creator guided by the material, rather than controlling it.

Celebrating 10 Years

Over the last 10 years, we have always viewed ourselves as stewards of love, and conduits for connection. Through our work, we have carved a space within some of life’s most intimate exchanges. In nervous questions, asked on bended knee. In memorials. In birthdays. In milestones. In moments of ‘just because’. And each time, from first encounter to final form, we have been the grateful recipients of your trust; distilling your love, elation, heartbreak, and sense memory into physical landmarks and modern heirlooms.