Materials & Care

The majority of Natalie Marie Jewellery is created using solid precious metals. Natalie works largely with 925 Sterling silver, 9ct & 14ct Gold and 9ct & 14ct Rose Gold. Some pieces are created using 14ct Gold or Rose Gold filled. 


Caring for Precious Metal Jewellery

Sterling silver, Gold and Rose Gold jewellery pieces can be cleaned and polished using a jewellery polishing cloth. While these materials are durable enough to wear everyday, it is advisable to remove when showering or applying lotions, perfumes or make up. This will retain the polished finish for longer. Pieces can also be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner.


Gold & Rose Gold 'filled'

Some pieces are created in 14ct Gold or Rose Gold 'filled' sheet, wire or chain. These materials have exactly the same aesthetic and behavioural properties as solid Gold and Rose Gold. 'Filled' refers to solid Gold/Rose gold bonded with heat and pressure to a core layer of base metal (usually brass). Every surface of the jewellery piece is 14ct Gold or Rose Gold, but using this filled material makes pieces more affordable. Gold/Rose Gold filled pieces should only need an occasional light buffing with a soft cloth to restore shine. 



Various chains are used across different pieces. While these chains are of the highest quality, care should be taken when wearing. It is advisable to remove for showering or applying lotions, perfumes or make up.


Gold plated

Very few pieces in the collection are Gold Plated. For those that are, care should be taken to prolong the finish. These pieces should be removed for showering or applying lotions, perfumes or make up. When not being worn, they should be store in their box away from direct sunlight. If Gold plating diminishes on a piece after excessive wear, replating is available for a small fee. Please contact for details.