Melee Diamonds

Where they're mined

Melee diamonds are mined wherever larger diamonds are found. Unfortunately, due to their size and the large quantity that are cut, generally in bulk lots, it's not possible to know the exact origin of these stones as there are no standards or procedures in place to track their journey from mine to market. At NMJ, our melee diamonds are purchased with a World Diamond Council (WDC) System of Warranties statement, stating that they have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, and in line with the United Nations resolutions. We also regularly test our melee packages. 

Grading system

Melee diamonds follow the same grading standards for their colour and clarity as larger diamonds. Due to their size, they are not held to the same standards in regards to their cut, polish and symmetry, so do not get graded on these factors.


They commonly come in white, champagne, black and Argyle pink, but can also be available in salt & pepper and grey. 


Melee diamonds do not come with certification - this is standard within the industry. The only exception is in the case of pink or champagne Argyle diamonds, which will usually (although not always) be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Argyle diamond mine, due to their high value and rarity.


These small diamonds are much more commonly available than larger diamonds, and as such are much lower in value. A parcel or lot of melee diamonds that equals a total of 1ct will be dramatically less than a single 1ct stone, purely due to the prevalence of smaller stones.