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Responsible Jewellery

Natalie Marie Jewellery is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and is actively undergoing the process of becoming an accredited member through a strict auditing process. The Responsible Jewellery Council is the only international certifying body within the jewellery industry and is highly regarded for setting standards of ethical and sustainable jewellery practices.

With every piece of our jewellery made to order, we are functioning as a minimal waste company. We are only supplying to demand, and not creating an excess of goods. Our pieces are and always been made in house, giving us complete control over our supply chain and production processes

At NMJ we have always prioritised quality materials and supplier relationships. We have worked with a tight knit network of suppliers for all materials and stones since our inception. These relationships are key, as we have grown together, building a mutual trust and clear understanding of each other. These relationships have also provided us with more of an understanding and active role in the entire chain of custody providing transparency throughout the supply chain.

It is our goal to drive positive change not only with our own suppliers but within the industry as a whole. By pushing our suppliers to meet our high standards, we are aiming to encourage a chain reaction that supports change industry wide. We are working with external game-changers in an educational capacity to continuously expand our understanding and resources and reach beyond the limitations of working in an industry that's steeped in tradition in Australia. We aim to connect with industry leaders worldwide in order to collaborate and expand, learning from them so that we can drive similar change domestically and create a sense of community that champions responsible jewellery practise in Australia.

We are so aware of how commonplace the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ are now, and that these have somewhat lost their weight, what we are really driven by is a desire to stand behind these claims with confidence that we are going beyond language and seeing this through in every facet of our practise as a manufacturing company and retailer.

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