A Conversation with Kelly Müller About Meaningful Jewellery

Without tales of love, there would be no purpose, without milestone moments there would be no craft; individual stories are the cornerstone of why we do what we do. We are grounded in the belief that jewellery has the ability to embody special memories, feelings and moments, and we are devoted to showing our customers how beautifully this can be done.

Our customers' stories behind their jewellery are the essence of the Natalie Marie Jewellery philosophy, and it is an honour to share them with you.

Leading brand strategist and marketing guru, Kelly Müller, is the brilliant and inspiring force behind Kelly Müller Consulting, a boutique marketing, PR and brand strategy consultancy that champions an honest, thoughtful and bespoke approach.

Kelly is the kind of person you meet and instantly feel inspired by, she’s interesting, genuine, kind and down to earth, and she’ll never fail to make you laugh. She is passionate about sharing the stories of not only her clients, but her friends and family too, and such is true with this journal piece which tells the heartfelt story behind one of Kelly’s most precious pieces of jewellery, the Macie Ring.


At NMJ, we believe jewellery has the ability to hold memories, evoke feelings and commemorate moments in time. We feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to create something so deeply ingrained in significance for you. Can you share the inspiration behind your ring?

I proudly consult across Marketing and PR for Natalie Marie Jewellery and was visiting HQ when I fell in love with the Macie Ring. I stopped into the showroom before a meeting and was immediately drawn to it. I wasn’t looking for anything but I swear, it called my name.

My best friend was with me at the time and she is the world’s biggest cheerleader for both ‘treating yourself’ and for sentimentality. I laughed at the thought of actually purchasing it, as it was expensive and I was saving for our house build, but she has this way of making you feel like anything is possible.

She reminded me that I had been in business for five years and asked if I had ever stopped to really think about that. She reminded me that many small businesses fail within the first three years and she acknowledged that my husband and I have been able to build a life we love, and are very proud of, because of our business.

Michele had a way of giving anything a purpose and meaning so by the end of her sales pitch, I was sold. The Macie very quickly came to mean so much more than just being a pretty ring.

Kelly Muller 

What was it about the design that drew you in?

I loved the simplicity of the Macie whilst it being so bold and confident in its design. It seems crazy to relate a ring to human characteristics but I felt like it really reflected the way I approach both my personal and professional style.

I also loved that it complimented my engagement ring without competing with it and of course, continued my love affair with sapphires.


Can you tell us a little more about your connection to Sapphires stones? Why do they hold a place in your heart?

I’ve never been a big, sparkly diamond kind of girl. My grandmother has the most beautiful jewellery collection and since I was young, I have loved trying her rings on. Her collection is quite vintage in style and my favourite has always been a really unique sapphire and diamond.

I openly loved it so much that my husband considered asking her for it when he proposed to me. After having my mum send him photos of the ring, he decided he wanted to choose an engagement ring on his own. He took inspiration from Gran's ring and sourced the most beautiful sapphire and diamond vintage ring. I love that he chose something just for me with reference to someone who means so much to me.

Kelly Muller 

Crafting jewellery truly allows us to tell one’s story while tenderly attaching memories to its uniqueness. When you wear your ring, what feelings, memories or moments are evoked?

I wear the Macie daily, it’s part of me now. While Michele found a reason for me to have it, I later realised that everything she said was true. I don’t stop often enough to reflect on the life we’ve built, nor do I celebrate the incredible work we do as a business.

My Macie reminds me to stop and smell the roses. It reminds me of that particular day with Michele, and after the recent and devastating loss of my beautiful friend, it helps me to feel like she's still here with me - forever cheering me on and sharing in my successes.


Much of the jewellery we create for our customers is to symbolise a milestone moment, what future milestones do you hope to commemorate with a piece of jewellery?

I don’t imagine I will ever stop wearing the current rings I have, so anything else I purchase would need to work back with them. I don't think I consider specific moments as such, instead I wait for those special moments to make themselves known to me.

I adore the Edei – White Diamond Ring (which I imagine wearing on my pointer finger) and I also love the Lyra Ear Climbers - I am just waiting for the right reasons to make them mine.


At NMJ, we view jewellery as a form of storytelling, self-expression and individualism. What does jewellery mean to you?

When I was younger, jewellery was often purchased on a whim. Other than an heirloom cameo that my grandmother passed onto me, I wasn’t really attached to anything, didn’t invest in anything and was mostly inspired by trends.

These days, I see jewellery as an investment - I want to wear pieces I truly and deeply love. In terms of rings, I wear my engagement ring on my left hand; and on my right, my Macie along with my wedding band and a Natalie Marie signet on my pinky. For my husband’s first Father’s Day as a dad of two, our daughters and I bought him an organic band and an oval signet, which I loved so much, I asked for the same for my birthday. I love that we wear the same signets on the same pinky on the same hand.

Jewellery has come to mean family to me. I guess deep down, that stems from being a young girl and pouring over Gran’s meaningful rings, which all had beautiful stories of love and travel attached to them.

Each piece I purchase now is considered – and usually a significant investment - because I know it will be something I have forever, will fill with stories and pass onto my daughters someday.

Kelly Muller 

PC: @ameliafullarton