Our Makers

As a conscious jewellery company, we have always been extremely proud to handcraft our pieces in our in house studio using predominantly locally sourced materials. With the growth of our business over the last couple of years, our production demand has expanded which has, at times, exceeded the capacity of our in house team. The location of our studio has limited how many skilled, qualified jewellers we have been able to employ, which has, in turn, led us to at times reaching this production capacity.  

In order to maintain reasonable manufacturing windows for our pieces, which all remain made to order, we have had to adapt and expand our vision for conscious production, seeking out like minded partners to contribute to the timely manufacture of our pieces. Responsible practise, ethical sourcing of materials and clear communication remain our top priority, and something we will never compromise on. To this end, we are proud to provide transparency around where each of our pieces is produced, with the majority still being crafted in house by our team of jewellers. All bespoke and One of a Kind pieces are and always will be handcrafted by our master jewellers in Sydney. 

Since our inception, we have gone from a single person team, to a team of over thirty like-minded individuals, who share our vision and passion.


As it stands (September 2021*), currently 99.8% of our online collection pieces are manufactured in Sydney, with 92.8% of these made in house, the remaining 7.2% are made by our master jewellers in our Sydney partner studios. 0.2% of online pieces are made in Sydney but assembled overseas in our RJC accredited partner studio. 100% of bespoke and One of a Kind pieces are made in Sydney. 

*Figures correct as of September 2021


One of the greatest challenges we have faced over recent years, has been facilitating growth while maintaining our core values, and remaining aligned with our brand's ethos. Over the years, we have gone from a single person team (Natalie), to a team of over thirty like-minded individuals, who share our vision and passion and who work hard every day towards this common goal. 

If you have any questions about our manufacturing practise, please reach out to our team, or visit our showroom, where you can watch our jewellers working hard on crafting our designs. 

Our makers are at the heart of everything that we do here at Natalie Marie, you can meet some of the hands behind our pieces below.


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