How to create your own Bespoke piece.

Step 1: Pre-consultation or initial email

After receiving an initial enquiry, we ask you to browse our Bespoke Archive and Instagram Feed and start collecting references of concepts, styles or designs that you like. We will email a few questions to guide you through the key aspects of a ring design, which usually include a rough design or some guidelines on style, an idea of the ideal stone type, colour and size, any deadlines or sizing details and a rough budget should you wish to specify. This process provides us with important information about your preferences and vision and helps to build a strong picture of the dream ring our team are to create.

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Step 2: Consultation

Our bespoke team then use the initial concepts we established in our pre-consultation to prepare for our next appointment. These consultations can take place virtually or simply via email for international/interstate clients, or face to face by appointment in our Avalon studio.

This step of the process involves establishing your ideal design and we hone in on the desired stone type/shape/size/colour, and work out any other finer details.

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Step 3: Choose your stone

Once we have the general design planned out, we then carefully guide you through the process of identifying the right stone. Whether it’s a diamond, sapphire, opal or semi-precious stone – we take into consideration the wearer’s lifestyle, work and personal style to ensure the stone is the perfect fit.

Once we know what kind of stone we are looking for, our team scour our extensive network of trusted suppliers to find appropriate stone options for the project, often providing several options to choose from based your preferences and budget.

This process can take as little as a day and as long as several months, depending on what we are searching for, how rare the stone is and how many options we work through before finding ‘the one’.

Local clients are welcome to view selected stones in our showroom, while international or interstate clients are presented stones via email in the form of videos and imagery, ensuring you have the best opportunity to visualise the final design with your selected stone.

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Step 4: Review your final design and quote

Once we have settled on a design and stone, we will send you a final quote outlining all of the details for your confirmation.

Step 5: Confirm your order

On approval of your quote, a 50-75% deposit is required to secure your bespoke order. We will also send you our terms of commission to sign. At this stage, we will be able to advise on an estimated completion date for your special piece. Your order will then begin production with the balance due on completion. Bespoke production times range from six to twelve weeks.

Step 6: Production

The Bespoke piece is then scheduled for production with one of our two Master Jewellers.

Our Bespoke work requires the highest possible skill level of our team, our master jewellers collective industry experience spans almost one hundred years.

Production times vary from 6 to 16 weeks depending on the project. Some of this time is allocated to simply working the way up the long queue. With only one to two jewellers working on these pieces, and with some pieces taking a great deal of time to craft, the process is appropriately paced. Our specialised bespoke setter sets the individual stones in each piece, ensuring the stone or stones are perfectly displayed to optimum presentation and security.

Throughout the production process we touch base with our clients every couple of weeks to ensure they are kept updated and that all expectations are met along the way.

Step 7: Quality check

Once the piece is completed, and has underdone its final polish, it is put through our stringent quality checking process, whereby we check every single detail of the piece under close scrutiny. Provided all is well, the client is notified of completion and the balance payment is requested.

Step 8: Completion

The piece is carefully packaged and prepared for postage or collection, ready to make its way to its new home and to become a special part of someone's personal story.

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Our Bespoke Team would be honoured to work with you to create your forever piece.

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