Diamond Wedding Rings

Eternal bonds, symbolic of vows taken. Wedding bands are gestures of forever, exchanged in harmony with the one you love. Discover our Diamond edit.

“Like an ember from the ashes, a piece that has been with us since the beginning, reignited in a new and elevated fashion." - Shona, Head Designer.


From that which is left behind

Drawing from the signature aesthetic of our organic band – its nature, form and fluidity – we are proud to present our new mindfully handcrafted collection: Ember.

Named for the process of transformation, the Ember collection was conceived as an assemblage of elevated heirlooms that celebrate and make tangible the formative milestones in life. Just as time paints us all as changed, the Ember capsule commemorates the process of regeneration – of giving what is left behind a new life.


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We work with customers all over the world to bring their bespoke visions to life. From necklaces to bracelets, engagement rings to anniversary gifts, milestone birthdays and more, we offer an intimate and personalised service, available both virtually or in person at our Avalon studio.


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