NMJ Education

Our business is centred around shared values that have underpinned our decisions from inception as well as the core belief that we have an intrinsic responsibility to create as consciously and purposefully as possible. Outlining these intentions in our Impact Report is our way of inviting you into a world of action, accountability and progress.

We want our customers to invest in NMJ because they feel connected not only to the aesthetic of it, but the larger story they want their piece to tell. With a focus on combining quality materials that are sourced mindfully with considered design and meticulous production techniques - NMJ pieces are intended to be treasured, to become a part of the wearer and to be handed down for generations to come.


The intention to create consciously is part of our DNA. As a manufacturer and retailer of fine jewellery, it is of the utmost importance to us to create responsibly, source mindfully and ensure that all of our pieces are produced sustainably and ethically. From our handmade process and studio practices, to our supply chain, learn more about our sustainability journey.

Our Makers.

Our makers are at the heart of everything that we do here at NMJ, and in 10 years, we have gone from a single person team (Natalie), to a team of over thirty like-minded individuals, who share our vision and passion and who work hard every day towards our common goal. 

Our Materials.

To create conscious and sustainable jewellery, we have established strong relationships with like-minded, compliant and accredited suppliers who value similar production principles and support our strive for transparency within the supply chain. Dive into our metals and learn about our combination of recycled and new materials.

Our Diamond Guide.

When it comes to choosing a diamond, there are many varying characteristics and quality factors that can determine the brilliance, sparkle and overall aesthetic impact of the stone. Summarised here in our Diamond Guide are the most important details we suggest to keep in mind when looking for the perfect diamond, whether you hope to find a natural diamond, a laboratory grown, antique diamond or beyond.

Care Guide.

In caring for your jewellery, it’s important to understand the vulnerabilities of precious metals and stones. If you have any questions or concerns about your piece throughout its lifetime, please contact us and we will assist you in any way possible.


All our pieces at Natalie Marie are handmade to order, and so we can customise your piece to suit your exact size (unless noted otherwise). Learn more about how to find the perfect fit, from exact measurements to our complimentary ring sizer.