Meet the Maker | Megan Larsen from Sodashi Skincare

We interview Megan Larsen from Australian skincare brand, Sodashi Skincare and find out what inspires her to keep innovating in a saturated beauty world. Read more below...


So, you were born in New Zealand but started the business in WA. What prompted the move and what do you love about where you live?

I was born in New Zealand, and actually, I now reside in Sydney. But first let’s talk about WA. I was young, I had arrived in Sydney and friends told me they were driving across Australia to go to Perth to the America’s Cup – a mere 4000 kms away!  I remember arriving in Perth and thinking how beautiful the beaches were and how friendly the people are and how clean the air was! So I stayed and that’s where I founded Sodashi.


‘Eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical’ while all so important, are having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now. They’ve been part of Sodashi since inception, why are these practices so important to you?

I grew up with these philosophies. My mother grew our fruit and vegetables in the garden and sewed our clothes - mostly out of dresses and clothes passed down from her sisters, but the fabrics were amazing and she was a great dressmaker. I don’t think I appreciated it then as much as I would now! My mum was a single parent and we didn’t have a lot of money, but we had amazing food and clothes.


How do you stay inspired to keep innovating? What influences and inspires you in general?

I’m inspired by life. I love to visit our spa partners and therapists and I find this (and them) incredibly inspiring. I also like to take the time to truly connect with people’s hearts and minds, and this can be very nurturing, which in turn nourishes my heart. I always say I create from the heart, but the heart must be nourished and nurtured to do this.


What are your favourite aspects of your work?

Creating and connecting. I adore formulating and creating new products and aroma blends, and also connecting with our customers, suppliers, spa partners and therapists.


At NMJ we love to celebrate artisans and an artisanal approach, which is why we love your brand so much. What does it mean to you to see Sodashi as a global brand? Did you ever imagine it would be this big?

No, I really didn’t imagine it would become a globally renowned brand.  Everyday I feel blessed we have been able to share our beautiful products with the world, and for our products to be loved and nurtured by amazing spas, therapists, distributors and our incredible team.


How do you come up with a new product? What is your process and how are you involved?

Whilst I still do all the formulations as well as approving ingredients, these days I am very grateful to have an amazing team at Sodashi who help me, both in research, development and testing.


What advice do you have to others, in any industry, looking to launch their own brand?

I often get asked this question, which is why last year I wrote my book Startups and Self-care, which talks about my journey and why self-care is so important in business.