Once an artist, always an artist. The creative evolution of Kitty Callaghan

She’s the creative muse that has gained increasing acclaim for her art, she’s worldly, kind and stylish and has had her work featured and commissioned by the likes of Vogue Italy, Ellery, RUSSH, Harper's Bazaar and Stylebop. Meet Kitty Callaghan, a mixed-media artist and contributing editor to one of Australia's most prestigious fashion magazines. 

For Kitty, creativity has always come naturally. Taking interest from the creative expression that is collaging from an early age, Kitty is now widely recognised for her collages that effortlessly combine fashion and art and balance both complex and delicate mediums that mingle a vibrant union of colours through abstraction, surrealism and juxtaposition. 

Having close ties with her family and late grandmothers, Kitty sees jewellery as a sign of love, a symbol that evokes treasured memories and feelings. We chat with Kitty about her creative evolution as a mixed-media artist and why her newest NMJ piece will be something she passes down to future generations.


Tell us about yourself, what motivated you to embark on a career of creativity?

I come from a creative family and I’ve always felt inclined to be creative via one avenue or another. It feels right to me and I like that it is a career that can evolve and involve various facets, that is what drew me to this way of working.


At NMJ, we believe crafting jewellery is more than just creating an object, it’s the opportunity to create something that is symbolic and significant – what does ‘creation’ in your realm of expertise mean to you?

Creation means seeing an idea or concept bubble to the surface, seeing something through to the end. I have trouble sometimes seeing those ideas through to the end, it’s something that I am working on.

Your love for art and creativity started from a very young age, does collaging spark any deep or personal memories of your childhood?

Yes, for sure – I used to collage all of my family and friends’ birthday cards into scrapbooks at a young age so it’s very reminiscent of that time for me, creating collages.


At NMJ, we believe jewellery is both art and an investment and as such, take pride in every piece we create at Natalie Marie. What non-negotiable steps do you take when you’re creating a piece of artwork for someone?

I take time to create, I can’t be rushed on a concept or idea. This is both a good thing but sometimes a bad thing too..

Jewellery to us is a form of storytelling, self-expression and individualism. What does jewellery mean to you?

Wearing jewellery, particularly heirlooms, is a gentle reminder each day that my family are with me – I have rings and necklaces from both of my grandmothers and I feel their presence when I wear them.


What does your NMJ piece mean to you?

I am a big fan of a signet ring – I have been given engraved signets from my mother and grandmother, and this will be the first I will engrave with my initials – meaning I will have three generations to wear close to my heart. I love that my NMJ Piet Signet holds a smokey quartz – this stone is purifying against negative energy and brings with it emotional calmness. With all of the uncertainty that 2020 has brought to the world – I see that as a good stone to wear each day.

PC: @Sophie.bockwell