The Art of Adornment | Meet Beck Wadworth

Six years ago, 24 year old Beck Wadworth was focused on building her career in marketing, design and PR. The organisational lover was searching for a diary but couldn’t find anything that suited her minimal and monochrome style. So, she created her own. What started as a hobby is now a full time, flourishing stationery business. 

An Organised Life brand and blog was born out of Beck’s desire to bring structure and organisation into busy lives.The label currently offers a curated selection of minimalistic stationery products including calendars, diaries, notebooks, & downloadable essentials and Beck runs the business between her home in Auckland, New Zealand and an office in Sydney. She epitomises what it means to be a modern businesswomen - investing in a business and product that she personally loves while giving herself space and freedom around how and when she does it.

We recently worked with Beck to create a bespoke ring to mark her 30th birthday so we took the opportunity to sit down with her and chat business, milestones and found out the best advice she's ever received.


Name / Location:

Beck Wadworth

Auckland, New Zealand


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm the founder of stationery brand An Organised Life. I started An Organised Life with the aim to help organise busy lives through functional yet luxe stationery products & content. I grew up in beautiful Marlborough, which is located at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. It's still my favourite place & is where I escape to for some much needed R&R and family time over the summer.

I was based in Sydney for 6 years, where I worked in the fashion industry and also started AOL. This is when I discovered Natalie Marie Jewellery and fell in love with the brand and designs. Last year I moved back to NZ and now reside in Auckland with my boyfriend Jason.


What three words best describe you and why?

Organised (self explanatory!)

Driver (always on a mission to tick off goals personally and professionally)

Passionate (in all aspects of my life I like to stay positive and passionate. To support friends and family & my team and keep everyone feeling happy)


An Organised Life started as a side project and now drops products several times a year – from diaries and calendars through to notepads, collaborative journals, pens, planners and more. What has been the biggest pinch me moment with your business?

I have been really fortunate to collaborate with an array of incredible people and brands. A few years ago I collaborated with Karen Walker on a range of notebooks and this year alone we have worked with AIRNZ, Together Journal and Lexus.

Another massive one for me, is literally seeing the customers and products grow every year. It sounds simple, but when you notice customers names pop up and you know they have ordered from the start that's really special, and also seeing new customers come through, knowing that you will be helping them to tick off their goals, manage their schedule & become (hopefully) a part of their every day life.  


What inspires you / your work?

I'm constantly inspired to help others tick off their goals and organise their lives. I always love talking to customers and picking their brains about what they want and need. Aesthetic wise I'm inspired by all things minimal. 


What are you currently reading / listening to?

PodcastsSecond Life, How I Built This, The High Low, Desert island Discs, Offline The Podcast


Best advice you’ve received?

Be patient, work hard, and be respectful 

Never stand still, always look forward

And a new one a friend said to me the other day - lots of people can do something 90% well, but it's the last 10% that really make the difference. The attention to detail matters. 


You recently turned 30 - how did you celebrate? 

I was extremely lucky to have a few celebrations! I went to Fiji with my family, boyfriend and extended family in July to celebrate an array of milestone birthdays within our family including my 30th!  I had a really small birthday dinner on my actual birthday with just a couple of close friends in Auckland and I then celebrated with my nearest & dearest in Sydney with a delicious dinner and was spoilt to have Josh Emett cook for the occasion. 


What does turning 30 mean to you?

Turning 30 is such an exciting milestone. You work so hard in your 20's to get somewhere, to be recognised and to create a path for yourself personally and professionally and to find your feet in a lot of ways. But turning 30 to me feels like a new chapter where I can really concentrate on what's important. From my nearest & dearest to my career, concentrating on working smarter not harder after learning so much in my 20's. It's also crazy to think that this next chapter will include starting a family at some stage too! It's a big one. 


You commissioned a bespoke piece for this milestone birthday, what inspired your design?

I wanted something really minimal and timeless, something that I could wear every single day and hopefully hand down in years to come as a piece that was special in my life. I've always loved the look of a single baguette diamond and NMJ designed it perfectly with the beautiful thin band and the elevated diamond. It feels very me. 


What does this piece of jewellery now mean to you?

It's so special. I've worn it every single day so far and it's one of those pieces that I know I will have forever. 2019 was filled with incredible memories - it's nice to mark that occasion with something tangible, timeless and bespoke that reflects that chapter of my life. 


What advice would you say to people considering a bespoke design?

Embrace the experience - have fun dreaming up what you want and I have no doubt the incredible NMJ team will create something magic for you. 


Click below to watch Beck's bespoke journey with us: 


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