Niah McLeod | Walawaani Collection

We strive towards an enriched appreciation of this cultural heritage and a greater awareness of the truth of our Australian history, so that we may move together towards reconciliation and healing as a nation.

This is just one of the many reasons that we were honoured to collaborate with Indigenous contemporary artist, Niah McLeod, in July 2020, to create an exclusive collection in celebration and awareness of NAIDOC week.

The collection was inspired by Niah’s commissioned painting 'Gupu Dreaming' - a piece created in celebration and awareness of the 2020 NAIDOC theme, Heal Country – offering a tangible reminder of our interconnectedness, and our responsibility to nurture and respect the world and each other.
For every purchase of the Walawaani Collection, we were honoured to partner once again with Yalari, by donating 20% of each sale to Yalari, a not-for-profit organisation advocating for generational change and a brighter future for young Indigenous Australians.

"These pieces present an invitation for exploration, education and engagement with our collective responsibility towards Reconciliation. I hope that this collaboration and these pieces will encourage our clients to actively engage in NAIDOC week and all that it celebrates.

Niah's painting is more than a work of great beauty - it tells a story and it was important to us to convey this narrative through the pieces we designed.

Each individual element carries a subtle but significant meaning inspired by Niah's artwork, we are so proud to have had the opportunity to unite with Niah through a creative lens." - Natalie Fitch, Founder & Head Designer - Natalie Marie Jewellery