Aotea | Kūmarahou & Mānuka Hand & Body Wash

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Experience nourishing, therapeutic skincare, inspired by mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge), with a dedication to supporting the earth and local community. All of the native flora used to create Aotea’s offerings are grown, harvested and refined on Aotea, or Great Barrier Island, in New Zealand. Aotea supports the local community by providing scholarships for rangatahi Māori to attend high school on the mainland and increasing employment opportunities for whānau. Weaving ancient wisdom with modern science is Aotea’s passion, so every product is thoroughly researched and created with the highest quality, sustainability and active ingredients in mind. Blending the cleansing, lathering properties of kūmarahou and the anti-bacterial qualities of mānuka water, this hand and body wash cleanses you without stripping your skin of its natural oils. The saponin present in kūmarahou builds a soft lather without the need for harsh chemicals, so you can be sure your body is treated to only the most gentle of ingredients. Perfect for everyday use on sensitive skin. Plant and bee derived ingredients are gathered from Aotea’s botanical gardens and apiary. Uses:
  • A very natural and soft soap
  • Perfect for those who find most soaps too harsh
  • Does not strip the skin of natural oils
  • Manuka oil content kills bacteria and saponin content remove dirt

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