A guide to layering necklaces. Curated by Ash Grats

Jewellery has a unique ability to symbolise a moment, embody a feeling or evoke a memory. When meaningful treasures are thoughtfully coupled or layered, the pieces we wear can tell a story and create an intentional statement.

Here, we celebrate the timeless and elegant looks we love, as curated by the beautiful Ash Grats, in hope that we can inspire your next curation.


Delicate lengths

When it comes to quiet elegance, we can’t go past the simplicity of delicate chains. Begin your layered look with a feature piece and continue to add while paying attention to the lengths. Ash wears the Simple Dot Necklace, Simple Chain Necklace and Mai Pendant with Savannah Sunstone

Ash Grats

The charming pair

Simpler, yet more distinctive - pairing just two chains that bestow characterful design features is an easy way to make a subtle statement with your look. Ash wears the Salt and Pepper Diamond Slider as a feature piece and compliments this by pairing it with the Nuna Charm Necklace to create multiple focal points which overall, exude an understated elegance.

Ash Grats

More is more

There are no rules to follow when creating a look tailored to your style, and sometimes, more is more. Unite abstract forms, subtle sparkle and dainty chains for an effortlessly beautiful unification of treasures suited for occasion wear, and every special moment that follows. Ash wears the Nuna Necklace, Nuna Stone Necklace with Savannah Sunstone and Simple Dot Necklace.

Ash Grats

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