Our Signature Solitaire



The Story of our Signature Solitaire

The solitaire ring has been a favoured choice for romantics throughout the ages. From its origins in Ancient Rome and a resurgence of popularity in the 1940s, right through to its status today, it has lived through centuries of adornment and is without a doubt the most classic of engagement ring designs. With an effortless elegance and time-honoured minimalism – traditionally a single uncut diamond set upon a simple band – it is no wonder that it has appealed to so many as a representation of true love.

Natalie’s personal aesthetic underpins the design of our Signature Solitaire, with her eye for impeccable detail and delicate craftsmanship championing this iconic style. Over the last five years this piece has become the most beloved amongst our Bespoke couples, symbolising their devotion, and honouring their distinctive personalities.

Each and every Signature Solitaire has been lovingly handmade by our master jewellers, who hold exceptional industry experience, collectively spanning close to 100 years. This expertise is evident in the intricate wirework that accentuates the chosen gemstone, and the precision with which each stone is dutifully set. Their devotion to and passion for their craft is forever instilled in the creation of each piece, lending its own distinctive magic. 

Originally a six-claw, brilliant cut diamond ring, our Signature Solitaire has evolved over the years as we explored the possibilities of personalisation with each client who entrusted us with this significant moment in their lives. Over time this has seen us create countless pieces, each one truly unique through the use of specially sourced gemstones: from salt and pepper diamonds and coveted Australian sapphires, to pale pink morganites and bi-coloured zoisites. Adding thoughtful features through tailored bands, accent stones and hidden details, no two Signature Solitaires are ever the same.

This individuality epitomises the personality and style of its wearer, and these intimately personal touches lead to the creation of a modern heirloom that tells a precious story to be held close and passed down for generations to come.

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Signature Solitaire, our bespoke design team have created fifteen signature solitaires; with each one unique in design, these handmade beauties are available now and ready to ship.

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