A New Era of Conscious Creation

Wholesale; Large collection orders handcrafted for retailers to sell on our behalf, such as David Jones, The Iconic and small boutiques around Australia and the US.


A letter to our customers, 

2021 as we’re sure you would all agree, was a year of reckoning. Through the instability of a global pandemic we turned inwards as a brand and assessed what was truly serving us. Fundamentally, we felt our wholesale channel was beginning to take us away from our core values and we started to feel misaligned.


It took a vast amount of manufacturing power and at times, caused undue stress in trying to meet strict calendar deadlines. While we are grateful for our wholesale partnerships as well as the support and global exposure these offered us, we recognised that as a small and growing business, our workload needed to be sustainable and manageableWith demand for wholesale production increasing, we had to make a decision - either we diluted our vision for conscious, local production and found alternative routes to manufacture increased volumes, or we stayed true to our ethos and committed to only creating within our means. 


We chose our values and long-term vision and it is for this reason, that we will depart from wholesale in favour of a direct-to-consumer model.


Despite our best intentions, over the years we have accumulated surplus stock as well as samples for every wholesale collection when following traditional retail models. It was this realisation that led us to reassess our place in this industry and this world, and realise that the direct-to-consumer model allows us to both instil our value system into every piece we make, while also ensuring there is no waste or surplus.


It makes complete sense for us to honour the energy and time that went into creating each of our sample and wholesale pieces throughout the years, by bringing you our very first and last Archive Sale. While we have the ability to melt down our metals and reuse them, we have always viewed jewellery as innately sentimental; an opportunity to embody a moment in time, a memory or a milestone. The reasons our customers buy from us - their stories - these are the essence of our brand.

Our team can now solely focus on making pieces with intention and designing collections that speak to the heart, imbued with creativity that hasn't been dictated by external deadlines. We can now say with confidence and clarity that the majority of our pieces are made-to-order, with a curated selection of our most-loved pieces made for our showroom, allowing clients to purchase a piece when they visit us.


Moving forward, we will present small, regular refreshers to our signature NMJ offering through our Essentials, Limited Edition Capsules, One of a Kind and Signature Solitaire categories, and our Bespoketeam will work direct with clients to create custom designs.Our creative process will no longer be influenced by seasons, instead, we will remain true to our core value of handcrafting conscious heirlooms shaped with intention.


In line with departing from wholesale, we are very proud to introduce our first Impact Report with you, a space of deep reflection, learning and progression, which will guide our onward journey. Outlining our intentions in this Impact Report is our way of inviting you into a world of action, accountability and progress.


We are so excited to welcome you into this new era of Natalie Marie Jewellery.

Natalie and the NMJ Team x