Act of Love | Styled by Her

Words: Corey, Founder Styled By Her.


Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Styled by Her is passionate about styling, bringing together visions and dreams for her clients. When not busy creating a wedding or styling a shoot with a little bit of magic and soul, you will find Corey with sand in her pockets and salt in her hair.


Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? 

I am a wife, a mother and a day dreaming beauty lover. I am Her from ‘Styled by Her’ a wedding and event styling company based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

What is your favourite part of your work?  

Seeing people walk into spaces that I have created. Seeing all the planning and hard work come together to transform a space into something unique, creative and romantic keeps me doing what I do. It’s not at all a glamorous job, I am at up at 4am for flower market runs, cleaning, packing, loading vans and trucks full of furniture and styling items. It’s honestly like moving house every weekend, it’s physically and mentally exhausting however the rush of putting it all together in the few hours we get at a venue is thrilling and so rewarding. I have the best team and I love working with them to bring a vision to life. 

As a wedding stylist, what are the biggest challenges you see brides and grooms face? 

From a stylist perspective the biggest challenge I see for most is finding the balance between the beauty and the budget. When anything is possible is gets tricky for couples to decide on exactly what they would like and usually the more time they spend on inspiration searching such as Pinterest just confuses it further. To help them through this I ask them firstly how they would their wedding to feel, how they want to feel and how they want their guests to feel. This often then naturally starts to answer some of the design questions such as colours, placement, quantities of florals etc. A stylists role is visually create a feeling by carefully and thoughtfully using elements that will reflect and complement this. Once we determine the feeling and the look we then focus on making sure the budget is placed into the areas that will make the most impact. We offer complete styling, flowers and stationery to ensure that we can create a consistent feel across the entire wedding so that everything flows seamlessly together. It also helps couples as they have one point of contact for this and they are not needing to communicate ideas to a few different vendors hoping that it all comes together on the day. 

What wisdom would you share with those brides facing the reality of having to cancel or indefinitely postpone their weddings?

I have had a few brides that have had to postpone their wedding day and it’s so unfortunate. As upsetting as it is each one of them has been amazing about it and would rather wait a little longer so that they can have the day that they have always imagined, a day filled with all of their loved ones celebrating with them. Along with the brides all vendors I know have been so accomodating and working with them to help if the date needs to change. This is an industry absolutely bursting with love which is so evident by the way we are working together. 


What are the three things you would encourage your brides to consider when planning for their big day? 

1. The most important one is the hardest one, setting a budget! 

2. Talk to your partner and decide what is important to you both for the day. Forget what everyone else does, this is your day and it should reflect you both. 

3. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, consider options that will make it a little easier for you. For example if you have visions of a marquee reception in a field absolutely everything will need to brought in to achieve this. From the marquee to catering to cutlery, glassware, bathrooms, music, furniture, flowers etc along with transporting guests and accomodation. I would start with selecting a venue/location then the planning will become easier once you know what you need.

For those wandering beauties that are seeking something original and ridiculously beautiful, contact Styled by Her