Act of Love | Tips for a More Sustainable Home

Words: Jenny Ringland, Co-Founder, Green + Simple.


Creating a sustainable home doesn’t have to be extreme, there are small, simple changes you can easily make that will actually enhance your lifestyle and bring you joy. Some of the areas we have been focusing on now, more than ever are using what we have - like making do with recycled cardboard for craft, paying more attention to what makes us feel good at home - whether it’s giving extra love to our indoor plants or finally sorting out a wardrobe or forgotten drawer. Here are our tips for creating a more sustainable home that apply now (and anytime).


Indoor plants

We’re big fans of bringing nature inside, and while freshly cut flowers always make us smile, plants are longer lasting (usually!), plus they have the added benefit of detoxing the air inside your home. For indoor plant beginners peace lily and English ivy are among the easiest to keep alive, we also love fiddle leaf and ferns. Not sure you’re an indoor plant kind of person? Start with one and go from there. 


Composting is one of the simplest ways to reduce your household waste. In fact, you can reduce your household waste by up to a third simply by separating food waste from your rubbish. You’ll also be reducing the carbon dioxide and methane food waste produces once it hits landfill. If you don’t currently have a compost bin and are isolating, it’s possible to DIY using a large plastic tub or bin, all you need is a lid and a drill to create holes in the bottom.


Have one meat free day per week

Whether you make your Mondays meatless – or make that any other day of the week – removing meat from your diet one day a week is equivalent to taking your car off the road for three months. Hit up Pinterest for some major veggo inspo.

Switch off the lights

One of the easiest ways to conserve energy in your home, which will also make you mindful of how you use your appliances, is the practice of switching lights off. If you have a rule of having no more than six lights on at a time (it might be less if you live in an apartment), you’ll start to become aware of the energy your household uses.


Before you toss your empty jam jar, egg carton or even toilet paper rolls into the recycling bin, have a think about how you could repurpose them. Since social distancing began we’ve been saving anything that vaguely looks like it can convert to kids craft - we’ve made robots out of egg cartons, turned tissue boxes into monsters and shaped toilet rolls into weird and wonderful shapes that can be dipped into paint. Thinking of sorting out your desk / hallway table or bedside drawer? You’ll need an assortment of jam jars to store all your finds.

For more tips on natural, sustainable and ethical living, head to Green + Simple.