An authentic conversation with the bright, energetic force of Bianca Gregg.

Bianca Gregg is the co-founder and director of Del Rainbow; a Global Sales and Brand Development Agency that champions brands with intention. Bianca founded her business with a single mission – to express other people’s stories to the world authentically and define their ‘why’ from a space of true love, care and passion. Her unwavering eagerness to carve a niche within the competitive fashion space is evident with her global brand portfolio and roughly 700 leading multi-brand retailers and department stores under her belt, including Browns, NET-A-PORTER, Harrods, Selfridges, Moda Operandi, and David Jones.

At the core of her brand ethos, is a commitment to take necessary actions to protect the future of the planet, and work with brands that harness intention, purpose and most importantly, have sustainability as a core pillar. We feel so incredibly proud to have worked with Bianca and the Del Rainbow team from the beginning of our journey here at Natalie Marie jewellery. Bianca’s endless positivity, selflessness and incredible vision for the industry inspires us daily, and we consider the team family here at NMJ.

Here, we speak with Bianca about the musing behind Del Rainbow and her newly launched store, her innate connection to energy healing, and what it’s like being in business with her fiancée, Arlen. Bianca wears the Nuna Signet and Kamali Ring  from our newest collection, Idaho, pieces to her, that will remain a beautiful and strong representation of all that we have embodied this year.



Tell us a little more about your professional journey, at what moment did you realise that you wanted to start your own business?

My professional journey has been so magical; it has gone hand-in-hand with shaping myself as a person, with strong professional and personal growth throughout. The ability to do what you love and what brings you joy, whilst allowing you to be unapologetically who you are is so powerful, and something I am very grateful for.

I realised quite early on that I had a different approach to business, both professionally and also spiritually. To me, my version of success is creating for others and having a positive impact on their journey. Nothing gives me more joy than lifting others up and watching them succeed. I believe that when you are in a role of service, this is the stance you have to embody authentically. The idea of working internally yet externally within businesses in sales and marketing was a pivotal point to beginning my own business, as I didn’t see other businesses truly operating from this space. 

It was at an early age, (21) after working for a few different companies, that I discovered I wanted to operate differently - from a space of true love, care and passion to really express other people’s stories to the world, their ‘why’ they do what they do and have an impact. I wanted to escape the norm and go beyond what others were willing to do. There’s no better way than to drive that yourself, and when it leads to creating a collective culture of many individuals also operating from this space, it is truly magic. I also wanted to go the extra mile and drive from passion, I have a strong belief structure that anything is possible. I see this in clients too, and if they have people behind them who give it their all and truly believe in the greater good, we can create together beautifully.  

You recently launched your beautiful Del Rainbow Store which is an elevated curation of your favourite sustainable brands. Tell us more about the ideation behind Del Rainbow Store and why it is of the utmost importance to work with brands who are committed to reducing their environmental impact?

Del Rainbow Store was imagined as an extension of what we do at Del Rainbow (global wholesale). The idea stemmed from the opportunity to create an incredible retail environment right next door to our showroom that embodies the ethos our business is built on; focusing on brands that harness intention, purpose and most importantly, have sustainability as a core pillar. 

I want people to feel the energy of the product and know it came from a good place through every step - from idea to creation - as this is how they will eventually experience the piece in their lives. For us, we believe so strongly in the incredible sustainable brands that we partner with and represent within Del Rainbow, that we wanted to deliver a shoppable environment with the ability to educate customers on the concept that you can marry sustainability with luxury and have the ability to both vocally and sublimely educate customers on their choices and what that means in terms of impact - Del Rainbow Store delivers this. We have created an environment where each brand and every piece comes from this intention in its truest form. Customers can step into the Del Rainbow Store world and feel connected to pieces that harness this energy. If the customer is not aware of the brands or store concept, they leave with more knowledge, awareness and connection than they entered with, which is so exciting.

Sustainability is a journey, but for us at Del Rainbow Store, we have the ability to understand at the deepest level what each individual brand is doing as we have set requirements. There is no room for greenwashing here. Del Rainbow Store allows us the space to stand behind these brands with passion and each day, connect customers with the brand story on a deeper level. We aim to educate every customer who enters (in-store and online) at a greater level; the brand certifications (and what these actually mean and how necessary they are), their giveback, their materials, choices, and the overall brand impact.


It is so incredible to know that each person who takes home a piece from Del Rainbow Store has learnt a little something more about the importance and impact of sustainability. It is so powerful to watch someone light up when they feel a little more connected to a product or brand that then becomes apart of their world. Through education we are hoping to have an impact on our customers future choices.


Every piece purchased from Del Rainbow Store is accompanied with a thank you note that ticks off each sustainability category from our vetting system, which you can learn more about here - We encourage customers to ask questions and seek further knowledge. It is a necessity that we work with and support brands that are built and grow from this basis, especially as the fashion industry is the highest consumption industry in the world. The more businesses and brands that encompass sustainability and truly make a change, have the strength to lead a change across several industries. We have the ability to create the greatest impact. By focusing on this basis, we can encourage people to shop consciously, how could we possibly feel comfortable supporting a business any other way if you truly understand the impact?


What's it like being in business with your fiancée, Arlen?

It is truly the best. I couldn’t dream of it being any other way than creating everyday with the man of my dreams. Everything feels more rewarding knowing we are creating together. It is amazing because we have a unique balance within our relationship, Arlen is very calm, caring and grounded and balances out my ‘everything is possible’ mentality, he has the ability to have all foundations in check to help realise our dreams. Because Arlen knows me so well, he trusts every decision I make based on my gut and supports me like no other.

I also trust his views entirely and love that he will show me a different perspective. We’ve created an amazing life, business and community that is built on our love, our love for what we do and our love for our team. We both have the same goals, so working towards this together is an incredible feeling. We work hard on communication, so both of our desires, dreams and needs are met whilst having fun in our combined attitude of just ‘going for it’. I do have to say though, when you are busy, it is easy to get caught up in all of the things you have to do, so we make sure we take the time for each other. That’s the biggest challenge! We have been blessed to have the outlook where work doesn’t feel like ‘work’ to us. We are so lucky to be together every day, doing life and business as one.


Outside of Del Rainbow and the fashion world, you are passionate about the holistic practice of energy healing. Can you tell us a little more about why you have been drawn to the practice?

One of my greatest passions is energetic healing!! I am a firm believer that we are all energy and have the ability to heal both ourselves and others. We have so many layers as beings and by looking not only within, but also understanding our energetic field, we can peel back the layers and become our truest selves. Not only this, but the energy we carry, flows to others; all that we do, touch, feel, exchange. This is a huge part of how I operate, how our business operates, and how I attract things into everyday life. It has also shaped the choices I make, why I do what I do and also how I can help others by seeing a greater impact and help them through their blocks and barriers - by understanding and owning my own first. I was so drawn to this practice since my very first session when I was a late teen, it blew my mind and truly changed the way I interpreted the world and others around me, but most importantly myself. I was then taught the practice years later by my very first energetic healer.

Through energetic work, we have the power to understand ourselves on a deeper level, and through this understanding and responsibility allows us to acknowledge who we are to others, ourselves and what space we uphold. It’s a practice that builds into the way you live your life and understand your energetic impact.

It brings us back to the core of who we are through alignment, vulnerability and openness. It is such a deep and connective practice – I am a deep person, I operate on the notion of ‘feel it all and feel it hard and emanate love’, so I feel very aligned in this space. How cool is it to think that we can help others by understanding ourselves? I love growing and through this healing practice and energetic space of understanding, that is all this brings. Through love and light.


This year has thrown curve balls at all industries, but the fashion industry has been impacted significantly. As a business owner, how have you continued to show resilience and positivity?

2020 has been the biggest growth year for all of us, I like to think of this year as the rise of the Phoenix. It has pushed us all to rise and bring strong adapting and creating energy. For me, this year has really solidified the inner power and strength that we all hold and has truly brought us together as a collective.

Each day I took as a personal challenge to make an impact and to adapt, but really grow. It enlightened me to step into action every day and to ask, how can we do this better? Then to just go for it! I love being able to grow as a collective with our team, so each day it was our goal to create at least five new ideas to adapt, pivot, push the boundary, captivate and connect. Imagine each day creating with a team and throwing yourself into this mindset, it brings so much positivity. I held the responsibility that myself and our team had to lead with that energy for it to impact others. With this space, our team gave it their all and we knew if we entered each day with a solution and pathway, we would come out stronger long-term.

I knew that as a society, we look to those who have a vision, so in this space we had to have vision to give hope and support. We have the strongest industry and knew we could be a part of keeping that energy high and being kind. Everything is and was possible to figure out. You need to have the courage and eliminate fear. If anyone has an idea, we just drive it to action.

This year has also brought us back to human connection and the importance of this throughout our lives. It has given us the time to assess what is important and how to go forth together. I have never seen more creativity and flow happening, that is what 2020 has created for us. I have loved this year as it has shown me that we can shine through anything and grow together.

I think that those who are creating will see such greatness long-term from this moment in time. This period allowed our business the greatest opportunity, we took risks and trusted the process as we felt ignited to dive in and create everything, we needed for ourselves. I believe this is due to the fact that we maintained this mindset of resilience and positivity. Every moment brings a gift, we just have to shift perspective.

 My two dogs inspire me! The way they see the world and give so much love every day just warms my heart. They say that when a dog sees their human, they feel the emotion that a human feels when falling in love; every time! I mean, that is powerful. Also, women who have courage, in any instance of life. I look to thought leaders who embrace themselves. I love watching someone have a huge personal growth moment. I am inspired by power in vulnerability. I have to say my biggest inspiration is our team. I have never met a bunch of individuals who hold such love, positivity and tenacity. They are each individually so talented, but even more so together. They ooze greatness each day and they are like family to us. I love celebrating these talented people. They inspire me to do better and grow each day. And last but not least, Rainbows, because they are actual magic.

Jewellery to us is a form of storytelling, self-expression and individualism. What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery is such a huge part of my daily ritual. It is my final touch of ‘getting dressed’ to truly elevate and give meaning to my outfit. I have a huge collection of Natalie Marie Jewellery pieces that I have been building for the past seven years. Each day, I layer these pieces and they remind me of key moments in life. I especially love my rings, as these make me feel complete. I look at them throughout the day and they make me feel beautiful and remind me of how far I’ve come, as these purchases have had meaning and impact in my life. I also talk with my hands, so I love the shine and beauty they bring to my expression and passion. They are a part of who I am as I carry them each day and they create a feeling. I love to tell people the story of my pieces, when they came into my life, what they mean to me and how they make me feel. Jewellery truly marks a part in your make up and history. The pieces you select tell stories about different stages in your life and shape a reflection of who you are.

What I love most about Natalie Marie Jewellery pieces is that sustainability is the forefront of their creations, they always remain special, stand the test of time and are so unique. They make you feel beautiful. My NMJ pieces are the most precious pieces in my life, especially my most special moment, my engagement ring that was hand created by the NMJ team with so much love and care. This journey that Arlen went on with Natalie to select the stone and style that they both knew would mean so much to me was so special. I later found out that Nat (Natalie Marie) had passed this to Arlen on a day we were all together, and I had no idea!! This special stone is a Salt & Pepper Diamond, which is unique as no two are the same. When you hold it in the light, it has a little rainbow reflection that appears. Nothing is more special. Each day I get to see this piece and be reminded of the greatest day of my life, the most joyous moment and how filled with love I am. Jewellery has the power to take you to the moment and remain precious forever.


What does your NMJ piece mean to you?

My Natalie Marie Jewellery piece signifies to me beauty in solidarity. The way the gold is handcrafted with texture, weaves & curves, unique shape, feminine lines yet solid - I feel this really represents this year and what I have learnt. We are stronger together. The pieces show me that you can have power in femininity and vulnerability. Pieces that will remain a beautiful and strong representation of all that we have embodies this year and beyond.

PC: @lynden_foss