How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home


Here at NMJ, one of the services we offer is cleaning and polishing. While we all have a little more time at home as we social distance, we thought it would be wonderful to share with you a helping little 'how to' on cleaning your jewellery at home!


What you will need:

Small dish or Tupperware container (we used the a Ceramic Dish by Ruby Robinson)

Dishwashing Liquid (just your everyday household dishwashing liquid is fine) 

Soft Toothbrush

Tissues (with no aloe vera or added ingredients)

NMJ Polishing Cloth


Step 1: Prepare your cleaning solution. 

Fill your dish with warm water. There is no perfect temperature, just not too hot to touch. Mix in about a tablespoon of everyday household dishwashing liquid.  

Step 2: Soak your piece for approx. 5-10 minutes. 

Step 3: Using your soft toothbrush, we will begin to clean your piece.

Gently brush the piece, paying close attention to the settings and underneath stone as this is where dirt and grime is likely to build up. Brush around the band, and on top of the stone too. 


Step 4: Replace the cleaning solution for warm water in your dish, and rinse your piece to remove the soapy residue.


Step 5: Using a tissue, dry your piece with a dabbing motion, pressing the tissue into the piece to soak up the water. It is best not rub with the tissue to avoid scratches.  

Step 6: Go the extra mile and polish your piece with your Natalie Marie Polishing Cloth, focusing on the metal elements of the piece.

Gently polish over any stones, ensuring you rub in the the same direction of any claws to avoid catching and pulling. 




Do you have any tips on how to best care for my jewellery?

A simple way to keep your pieces as clean as possible is to remove them while washing your hands and showering. Instead of cleaning your pieces, this actually causes a build up of soap and the oils from your skin, as they get trapped in the details of your piece, such as under the settings or in the tiny links of your chain. You should also always remove your pieces when applying any creams, lotions or perfumes, as these will also create a buildup of sticky, dirt-attracting residue on your pieces. 

An extra tip for cleaning your pieces safely is to wash them in a bowl rather than over the sink to prevent the piece falling down the drain or dropping onto the steel or ceramic basin and potentially being damaged. A plastic Tupperware is the perfect safe container!

How often should I clean my jewellery at home?

There is no specific time when your piece will need cleaning - it’s really based on the piece and how you wear it. If you wear a piece everyday it will need cleaning more regularly than a piece you only wear on occasion. Generally, if your piece has settings or lots of intricate detail with more spaces and little tight areas for dirt to build up in then it will need cleaning more frequently than something simpler in design. If you have a plain band with no stones then it probably will never need to be cleaned, as there’s nowhere for dirt to adhere to. The best thing is to go by eye, and clean your pieces when you notice them losing their sparkle.   


How do I avoid my sterling silver jewellery tarnishing? 

Over time, any sterling silver piece will be prone to tarnishing due to the moisture and sulfur in the air reacting to the copper in the metal, which is normal but easy to maintain with a little extra TLC. Products like perfume, hairspray, deodorant and moisturisers can all contribute to your silver piece tarnishing, so avoid contact wherever possible.

Storing your silver jewellery in a cool, dry place out of the sun, cleaning them as I’ve just showed and taking extra care to ensure the piece is dried well and thoroughly will all help keep them nice and shiny. Wearing your silver jewellery more frequently will also actually help avoid tarnishing, as the oils in your skin prevent the alloys in the metal from oxidising, and the regular wear to the piece assists in this as well. 

What stones require extra care when cleaning / what stones shouldn't I clean at home?

We advise that stones such as emeralds, pearls, opals and moonstones should only be cleaned by our professional jewellers. These stones are classified as high care and it’s best to avoid hot water, soaps and chemicals, as coming in contact with these can cause issues such as discolouration and damage to the clarity and structure of the stones. We also encourage that our Herkimer pieces be cleaned in house. If in doubt, please get in touch and we can advise from there.  


Is the cleaning process the same for non-stone pieces? 

You can absolutely clean your non-stone pieces the same way, we would encourage that you take extra care with chain so as not to catch or pull the piece.


Can I send in or drop off my piece for the NMJ Team too clean? 

We offer complimentary ultrasonic cleaning however we also offer a full clean, polish and service which can be organised and quoted by our team.

For all bespoke and One of a Kind pieces this is a complimentary annual service, which we recommend to ensure the longevity of the pieces - it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of for a special event or occasion, so that you can have your pieces sparkling and looking like new!