How to curate the perfect ear stack with Ally Carey

The appeal of the ear stack lies both in its sculptural beauty and the ability for self-expression, yet the concept of wearing multiple earrings at once requires a considered approach. Whether it’s a unification of standout adornments or a minimal mix of meaningful treasures, the perfect ear stack should harmonise with each jewellery piece, making the curation appear cohesive and intentional. 

At NMJ, each creation follows a notion that our designs will be loved and cherished for years to come, and with that in mind, we are guided by the principle of timelessness. Each piece nods to our minimal design approach - perfectly delicate details, bold lines and statement textures, all which make each piece a welcome addition to any cherished collection of personal heirlooms.

Whatever the variance of earrings, curating an ear stack is a simple way to make use of your favourite pieces and elevate your overall look. Here we walk you through our favourite ear stacks, as curated by the effortless Ally May Carey.


Petite & Playful

Mix and match your favourite studs to create a playful, yet harmonious look. Wearing a slightly larger design as your second piece, although unexpected, can tie the curation together by wearing unique yet complementary shapes all at once.

Ally wears (left to right): Leotie Studs, Small Dena Studs, Crescent Studs, Kalani Studs and Leotie Studs

Ally wears (left to right): Leotie Studs, Small Dena Studs, Crescent Studs, Kalani Studs and Leotie Studs.

Simplified Sparkle

A simple, yet elegant way to elevate your ear stack is to add a touch of sparkle. Unifying diamonds with statement forms and metals, allows for subtle impact while the variance of sizing allows your curation to effortlessly work with any outfit or be worn for any occasion.

Ally wears (from left to right): Dena Sunstone Earrings, Nuna Stone Studs and Kalani Studs.

Ally wears (from left to right): Dena Sunstone Earrings, Nuna Stone Studs and Kalani Studs.

Classic Curations

Opting for a classic hoop as a statement piece creates a focal point that can be softened with dainty and timeless studs. This classic pairing lets one key piece do the talking while the smaller, classic studs keep the overall look wearable for any occasion.

Ally wears (left to right): Small Open Hoops, Leotie Studs, Kalani Studs, Kamali Hoops, Crescent Studs, Kalani Studs

Ally wears (left to right): Small Open Hoops, Leotie Studs, Kalani Studs, Kamali Hoops, Crescent Studs, Kalani Studs.

Maximalist Curations

Distinctive and less delicate in sensibility, a statement ear stack has the ability to not only become a talking point, but also truly transform your daywear to something more considered. 

Ally shares her curations below, watch and feel inspired.



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