How to mix metals, and get the most out of your jewellery collection.

We have always favoured the notion that the jewellery you choose will become a special part of your life in a unique and significant way. Jewellery to us, has the ability to evoke feelings of love, connection and sentiment, but more importantly, to tell a story. Whether it’s a precious heirloom passed down the family tree, or a newer piece that signifies a special occasion, we believe that each and every piece should be worn and celebrated.

When it comes to curating a forever collection, we don’t have any hard and fast rules, and at current, we’re loving mixing metals as it allows you to make use of your entire jewellery collection while making an elegant statement in the process.

Our designs are a unification of our jewellers’ own design visions and our signature, refined aesthetic allows for endless pairing; whether it’s artistically arranging rings, mixing and matching unconventional shapes or laying finer chains and metals - each piece is delicate and effortlessly timeless.

If you think of your wardrobe as a blank canvas, jewellery is an easy way to update your look, switching things up based on the season or your mood. Here we walk you through our favourite mixed metal pairings, as curated by our friend, Nikki Cruz.


Shades of gold

Pairing rose gold with yellow gold brings a touch of subtle femininity and warmth to any look. Diamond accents and different coloured stones allow for further contrast and when wearing this look, we like to keep rings fine and minimal so they can be layered up en masse and still feel delicate and soft. 


Less is more

If you’re creating an everyday look, opt for a less-is-more approach to accessorising. By pairing fine pieces in bold mixed metals, you are able to create a pared-back and classic look whilst still having fun.

Be bold with ratios

Know that you don’t require a perfectly balanced blend of metals to master this look. By pairing pieces that aesthetically belong together in regard to structural features, you are able to build on your look with ease, no matter what the colour of your metal.

Discover our Nikki Cruz edit here. 


Captured by Nikki Cruz.