Meet Alison Rice, Founder of Offline, Host and Conscious Career Coach

If you’re not yet familiar with the wonderful Alison Rice, we are thrilled to introduce you to her. Owning a collective title of award-winning publisher, conscious career coach, podcast host and digital leader, Alison is undeniably one of the most prolific women in Australian media. In her former years she launched and led acclaimed U.S digital sites including PopSugar, Byrdie, Who What Wear and My Domain in Australia, today she has established herself as a leader in self-development with the inception of Offline - a platform that exists to help people make contact with their true self, so they can create, lead and succeed consciously.

In our interview with Alison, she shares her experience around personal and professional growth, and how a lifetime of asking questions and seeking has shaped the women she is today. For Alison, jewellery allows a moment for admiration for adornments on the skin and body, of which to her, symbolise beauty and femininity. 


You have spoken openly about your former years as a journalist, in which you felt it was your responsibility as a digital leader to provide women with more substance, purpose and reality. Can you tell us a little more about this growing desire? Was there a pivotal moment in your life that led you to follow this path of doing more?

It’s interesting you use the words “doing more” because creatively, I’m actually doing a lot less. In my most recent role as a digital publisher, volume and speed were the key components of our audience growth strategy. So that meant leading a team to create hundreds of pieces of content a day across nearly 50 platforms.

There wasn’t a specific moment I can recall, but more of a deep sense of knowing over a period of time that what I was using my unique skills and talent to create was not only unsustainable in terms of output, but also value. I began to consciously interrogate the content we were creating and asking myself whether it was best serving the women we said we were creating it for, or, was it actually more for the commercial objectives of the business. Time and time again I realised the business and its clients were benefitting more than the women clicking on the content.

From that point onwards, going into work each day became harder and harder until it became physically uncomfortable. And that’s one of the key things I’ve learnt about growth – when something becomes irrelevant, it becomes physically uncomfortable to continue doing that thing. It’s the final signal we get that it’s time to evolve beyond where we are. To go where we are not.

Alison Rice

The concept of Offline is to provide a self-development pathway to help others make contact with their True Self. Can you expand on the importance of ‘true self’ and how and when you discovered yours?

I believe that our True Self is our essence. It’s who we are without the job titles, social media accounts and social status. Our True Self is our spirit – limitless and innocent. I’ve learnt that having a direct and daily relationship with our True Self is the throughway to feeling a sense of peace and fulfilment. When we experience the truth of who we are, our preferences evolve. They elevate. So does our energy, our intentions and how we choose to spend our time.

I don’t believe we discover our True Self. I believe we make contact with it. Our True Self isn’t something we need to “find” because it existed before anything else. Self-development from my viewpoint is more about coming home. It’s about developing a connection with our essence and then living, creating and succeeding from that place (whatever success might look like for you). And that’s really why Offline exists, to help people make contact with their True Self and align to their purpose.

You can explore my learning opportunities here. Currently, I have an online course about making contact with your True Self and aligning to your purpose, and also a knowledge session about how to take a career leap of faith strategically and consciously. 


You have embarked on quite a spiritual journey throughout your journey of self-discovery. Can you tell us more about your personal spiritual experiences and how this has shaped the woman you are today?

I guess I’ve always felt spiritually curious. Even when I was a little girl, I focused more on the why than the what. So I think where I am today in terms of how I identify with Being is a reflection of a lifetime of asking questions. Of seeking. And that’s really how I think about spirituality and self-discovery – it’s about asking questions and then feeling answers. Seeking out knowledge and then feeling into what is true for you.

I’ve gone down many paths and enjoyed many conscious tools and will continue to. I think that’s the big secret – the journey is the destination. The exploring is it. There’s no grand arrival or certificate that says you’re enlightened. Enlightenment is a state of Being that’s available to all of us at any time.

Right now I’m studying Vedic knowledge and I’m a committed Vedic Meditator. This is what feels true to me at this current moment.

Alison Rice 

A soul can be perceived in many different ways, depending on an individual's beliefs. What does ‘soul’ mean to you?

I think our soul is another way to describe our True Self. The conscious witness to it all.


At NMJ, we believe crafting jewellery is more than just creating an object, it’s the opportunity to create something that is symbolic and significant. How do you ensure the work you’re doing is significant and purposeful to your community of women and men?

I ask them. Co-creation is a key part of my process as a podcast host and career and business coach. I believe we are aligned to our unique purpose when we’re in service to the need of the time. It’s not always up to us to define the need, but the people we’re each here to serve will guide us.


What do you think the world needs more of?


Alison Rice

Jewellery to us is a form of storytelling, self-expression and individualism. What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery to me means beauty. A celebration of my femininity through adornment. Choosing special pieces to put on each day and then taking small moments in time to admire them on my skin and body. It’s wonderful!!


What does your NMJ piece mean to you?

Being a signet ring, there’s a sense of solidness and strength I get from it. It’s stoic and sturdy and being NMJ, grounded in shared values.

Alison wears the Nuna Signet Ring in Yellow Gold.

Alison Rice

PC: @si.kirk