Meet the Maker | Lisa Madigan

Meet artist & creative, Lisa Madigan. It's a beautiful thing to connect with a local artist who inspires us with her paintings reminiscent of precious stones. Lisa has a talent for creating mesmerising artwork, with passion and intention. We chatted with Lisa to find out more about her creative processes as a maker below.⁠...


Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you based and what journey did you take to become the artist that you are today?

I’m based in Sydney, on our stunning (northern) peninsular, in Avalon. It’s all salt spray, lush green and big skies. We also have our country gem THE COTTAGE in Kangaroo Valley which we share with the world as a place of rejuvenation and relaxation away from the hustle of life.

Everyone has an incredible story of their journey through life. Whilst there have been plenty of twists and turns, adventures and lessons, my drive has always been on creation, my art, fuelling my work and sharing that with the world. Unrelenting focus and drive are truly my foundations and that comes from a place (within) that I was lucky enough to find early on. When you find your truth, your passion and your true gifts, the greatest thing for you to do is to explore it, develop it, evolve it and share it. Give it to the world with clarity, purpose, generosity and grace.


What influences and inspires you?

Travel. Art. Adventure. Architecture. History. Texture. Stillness. Motion. Exploring the spectrums of colour and developing new tones, a new visual language. The aural traditions in music, in spoken word, in soundscapes, in the ocean and in bird song. Tapping into our internal and external landscapes. 

Beautiful friends and people creating amazing things in their lives. Sharing conversations and beautiful dinners, setting incredible scenes. The little moments in-between to breathe and just be. The abundance and diversity of nature that is so precious. Time alone, standing in front of masterpieces or standing in front of a blank canvas. Seeking to capture the timeless. Bathing in beauty and creating with integrity.


What does a typical day look like for you?

My days can vary so greatly, I may be travelling, be completely absorbed in the studio, be on set or on location. I can be up before sunrise to get to the flower markets to pick the best for installations, events or a new series. However if I’m home, my morning always begins with a good dose of puppy cuddles with my Dalmatian Oberon. We head to the beach for our morning walk, I then hook into writing and business management, article reading, maybe some scheduling, editing, planning and musing.

I love the mornings for cultivating new ideas and going over detail. I write a lot, it’s very much a part of my process as a creative. I usually break the day with training and then a lovely nourishing lunch. The afternoons I might be bound in the studio. If I’m working on a new collection, I love to keep the work incredibly focused, so I’ll be there almost every day, often early till late. Maybe evening yoga, something lovely for dinner and catching up with my man.


What are your favourite aspects of your work?

The freedom. The intimacy. The immediacy. The mess. The connection. It’s such a privilege to be able to create, share and connect. I love the process of creation and the evolution of where I’m taking my work. The journey and bringing that to a global context. I love speaking with people who have felt something from the work -  I love when it sparks. As soon as I create something it’s always so much bigger than just me - it’s a gift for others and way to make the world a little more beautiful.


At NMJ we are all about the handmade artisan object and understand the love, time and effort involved in creating. What does it mean to you to have your painting become a part of peoples every day lives?

This is the magical part of being an artist and being a creator. We bring creations into the world that can become timeless and loved. It means the world for my work to connect and when it moves people, it moves me. It’s so very, very special, humbling and beautiful.


What is your most treasured piece of jewellery in your jewellery box?

Jewellery holds so much memory and sentiment and I adore that about it. I have a beautiful heirloom diamond ring from my Grandmother that I will forever treasure. A piece I recently welcomed which also holds my heart is an English cameo ring - circa 1870. My amazing man found a pair of antique cameo earrings that are so similar when we were in Venice for my birthday last year. 

Of course I’m currently coveting more than one stunning piece from Natalie Marie to be my new timeless treasure. I have my eye on the Mana Ring, a perfect new piece that I can wear daily and feel special doing so. I adore the Organic Bands and the Full Dot Ring.

I love that you do heirloom pieces too, such a compliment to your stunning designs and a beautiful continuing of tradition.


Do you have any advice on how to turn your passion into a living?

Discipline. Dedication. Passion. Enthusiasm. Integrity. Grit. Determination. Flexibility. Always keep learning and you need to continually move out of your comfort zone, that will perpetuate growth. Evolve and devote yourself to your work. Know your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between, build on what you’re good at. You have to go deep if there is to be lasting impact it’s so important to keep fuelling the fire, keep building and look after yourself in all of the processes. Arm yourself with everything and know when to let go too.

Living your passion involves a lot of leaping. Being brave is a daily occurrence. 


We couldn't agree more! Lisa painting some beautiful, one of a kind, oil paintings inspired by some of our most precious stones. You can shop the selection here.




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