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This week we would love to introduce you to another Natalie Marie Bride. Meet Bec and her husband Sean, as they share their bohemian style nuptials!

Tell us your names?

Bec & Sean

How did you both meet?

We met at Uni in 2010, well we met out one night on an army themed cruise… We played cat and mouse for a year before finally deciding to start dating early in 2011.

Where & when did you get married - tell us a little bit about your day? What was the highlight?

We got married in Sean’s mum’s backyard! It was really casual and completely perfect for us! We had wood fired pizza for food, sangria w/ fruit from my girlfriend’s mum’s farms for bevvies and a DF in the garage. It was epic!

Highlight was having all our family and friends around us, everyone was in such a good mood and it was incredible. Another highlight would be my twin brother finding (and buying) my wedding dress just 3 days before the big day!

Tell us about your rings, what did that process look like?

I have the rutilated quartz & rose gold engagement ring with the queenie rose gold & white diamond wedding band. Sean has a this rose gold brushed band. They’re both amazing and we get loads of compliments on them.

Read below for info on engagement ring, but for the wedding bands we had an appointment with Nat and just tried a few things on to see what we liked. I knew I wanted something fine & delicate and Sean the opposite. Nat was incredible helpful and friendly.

Sean also surprised me with a necklace from Natalie Marie on the day. It is so beautiful and I love wearing it on special occasions.

What drew you to Natalie Marie for your wedding pieces? What do your rings mean to you?

I first saw Natalie’s work in an article North Journal in 2014, I loved it and Sean slyly took a photo of the article. It was the rutilated quartz ring and I just loved how fine and simple it was yet still very eye-catching. I loved how unique the stone was!

We headed to South America for a year late in 2014 and he proposed in Ecuador. He proposed with a small sterling silver ring that he’d been carrying with him for 5 months but still had the photo of Natalie’s work in his phone, he showed my the photo and suggested when we got home getting her to make one!

Sean ended up ordering one through Natalie and got my best friend to bring it over to us! She met us in Colombia! It was awesome and so special getting it hand delivered! to Colombia!

Our rings mean loads to us! Like any married couple I’m sure. But they’re unique and different and I love that.

We then headed to NZ for a 2.5 week road trip! We hiked and explored the south island and it was awesome. There are pictures from our honeymoon and wedding on our travel blog’s instagram @looktheworldintheeye