NMJ Lovers | Tessa-Rae

Our latest bride Tessa-Rae is a floral stylist based in Melbourne. Read on to hear more about her special day and what her ring process looked like.


Tell us your names?

Cameron and Tessa-Rae


How did you both meet?

Well technically we met in year 9. Cam saw me from across the courtyard at school. I was laughing with some friends and Cam just formed a little crush. We then spoke on the phone most nights like awkward teens however I then moved suburbs to live with my mum and we stopped talking. Then came along Facebook!! Cam was wondering what happened to that girl from year 9 after almost 10 years so he finally tracked me down... tricky with the – etc. We spoke for awhile first, then caught up and the rest is history.


Where & when did you get married - tell us a little bit about your day?

Our ceremony was at The church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, I saw then venue a couple years earlier and loved it! We did look at some more venues however we wanted our dog there and we loved the idea of a backyard wedding reception. Bang bang were flexible and allowed pups, Yay! Cam isn’t one for traditions and I loved the idea of a party so we just tried to keep things simple plus we decided to start building our home. We moved into our home at the start of December and our wedding was for March 4th so there was a lot of stress around getting landscaping etc done for the big day. 

My family received some devastating news days before Christmas that my Nan was losing her battle with Cancer and went into palliative. This put a lot of things into perspective and created a new meaning for the day. Watching my Pop say goodbye to his beautiful wife after 55 years was really hard and put a whole new meaning to the promises Cam and I made to each other on our wedding day. My nan tried really hard to stay strong and be there on the day however she passed away one month before the wedding day. 

The actual day was perfect it was simple and sweet. We had food trucks for catering and an ice cream cart for dessert along with our wedding cake and cheese and fruit platters. Free flowing summer style cocktails were served by Finding Frankling caravan bar. We had a large marquee with festoon lights and we danced all night on our back verandah.


What was the highlight?

Tess - mine would have to be seeing Cam as I entered the ceremony venue, you can’t go passed his bright blues eyes!! Our dog running around after the kids at the reception and following people around for food. Also my Nan wrote a speech before she passed away that my sister/maid of honour read out, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Argh there’s actually so many... and surprising my pop with a dance, one of our fave songs from when I was little, a Jim Reeves song.

Cam - my highlight was seeing the kids (Tessa’s baby brothers and my nephew’s and niece) walking down the aisle, it was also that moment that it felt more real. And Haffey (our dog) being apart of the whole day and riding in the limo with us.


Tell us about your rings, what did that process look like?

Tess - I feel like it was pretty simple for me, I don’t wear a lot of jewellery so I wanted something unique and timeless and not too big as I work with my hands a lot. Natalie Marie was one of the jewellers I followed on instagram. I showed Cam and he liked her pieces as well. I emailed Natalie and had a quick response back. I sent her some images of what I liked. I loved the idea of not having a diamond as the main feature and fell in love with the look of a rainbow moonstone. And now I have a stunning and unique ring with a rainbow moonstone with 3 smaller champagne diamonds on with side. When it came to the wedding bands Natalie just happened to be in Melbourne for a weekend so Cam and I met with her and got to try on some wedding bands. As my engagement ring sits low, I tried on a couple of options but I loved the look of the Diamond Point ring in Champagne, it added a modern look to my modern vintage engagement ring. 

Cam - I chose a brushed white gold wedding band. I was really happy Tess didn’t chose a diamond and went with something more unique.


What drew you to Natalie Marie for your wedding pieces?

Natalie’s pieces are art; they are so unique and beautiful. I always receive compliments for my rings.


What do your rings mean to you?

Tess - My rings are a symbol of the love Cam and I have for each other and the promises we have made together. Life can be a little tuff sometimes but when I look down I remember I will never be alone again. I also now wear my Nan’s wedding band and to think that one day I can pass on my beautiful rings down is such a gift.

Cam - To me it feels like our final commitment to each other. It reminds me to be patient, kind and that I’m not doing anything alone.