NMJ Lovers - Kristafor & Kirsty

Introducing our latest feature couple Kris & Kirsty, residing in Sydney - Australia. Kris came to us in late 2017 looking to create a bespoke engagement ring for Kirsty and returned last year to create their wedding bands, for a dreamy winter wedding. We caught up with the newlyweds to look back at the proposal & the process of handcrafting the perfect rings.


How did you both meet? 

Kirsty: Kris & I met when we were just 13 through the church we were going to at the time. It was love at first sight...for me at least. It took about 4 years for Kris to finally see the light and come around to the fact that I was actually the love of his life. We started dating in our last year of school and then after another 5 and half years, Kris asked me the big question.


Tell us a little bit about the engagement...

Kris: I got our favourite cafe Salvage Specialty Coffee to open on an evening they don’t usually open so that Kirsty and I would have it to ourselves. Salvage was so special to us because during uni we wouldn’t have much time to see each other so we would meet halfway on our way into university for a quick coffee date and then go our different directions for the day. 

I got one of the staff to tell Kirsty a few weeks earlier that they were extending their opening hours so that she wouldn’t expect a thing when we turned up and they were open late! I had organised for all of our friends to come down after I gave the signal which meant all had gone perfectly to plan! The guys at Salvage prepared an amazing table of food and we all drank and ate and celebrated our engagement!


Where and when did you get married? Tell us about your day...

We were lucky enough to get married at the stunning Waldara Farm in Oberon, NSW. Both being winter people, it only made sense to get married in one of the coldest months of the year, June. And cold it was with a maximum temp of about 10 degrees! In the week leading up to the wedding it was pouring with rain, threatening with snow and the plans to have an outdoor wedding were looking pretty bleak. The morning of the wedding came along with the clearest blue skies and a warm(ish) sun. With a 10am ceremony, coffee was essential, not only to wake everyone up, but to keep their hands warm!

All of the trees were hanging onto their autumn leaves so the colours of the day were incredible! From the ceremony we went straight into a brunch reception; mulled wine, baked eggs and pastries were a few of the things on offer inside the cosy warm barn.

Most of the guests left after the reception except for a few of our closest friends whom we had a very relaxed dinner with soup, wine and whiskey around a bonfire.


What was the highlight?

Kirsty: The highlight of the day for both of us was the impeccable timing of the sun shining at the right moments; sharing of vows, putting on rings and the kiss!

Kris: The relaxed nature of the whole day was the highlight for me! At no point were we stressed or worried about what was happening next so we were able to just settle and enjoy every moment of the day.


Tell us about your NMJ rings, what did that process look like?

Kris: I had a pretty good idea of what kind of ring Kirsty would want so I booked an appointment to sit down with Em and Daniel to talk about stones and design. They brought out a salt and pepper diamond which was so exquisite and I’d never seen anything like it! I knew it had to be the one for Kirsty and we were able to lock down a design then and there.

Throughout the whole creation process the team were so great in keeping me updated with pictures and information which meant I wasn’t worried or in the dark about how the ring was going to turn out.


What drew you to Natalie Marie for your wedding pieces? What do your rings mean to you?

Kris:I knew that Kirsty wanted simple and I had always loved how NMJ have been able to match simplicity with absolutely stunning.

Kirsty: When I first saw the ring it was everything I had dreamed of and more. It was simple, classic, clean and yet so bold. The whole engagement period I dreamed of what would compliment such a beautiful ring. Due to its thin and simple nature, I decided that a stack of fine bands would make it stand out without overshadowing it. My bottom band is very fine but faceted giving a beautiful texture and the band above my engagement ring is organic making it look so natural with the others. As a stack of three, they are divine. 6 months after our wedding and I still catch myself having a good stare at them, totally transfixed at how beautiful and timeless they are.


PC: Engagement photos - Josh Jay 

PC: Wedding photos - Alex Carlyle


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