NMJ Lovers | Cameron & Jaycee

Cameron and Jess met 9 years ago, whilst both were out celebrating the end of school, fondly known as 'schoolies' in Australia. Cameron took the plunge and worked closely with one of our bespoke jewellers - Em, to design a unique pear halo ring. With the wedding just around the corner, we caught up with Cameron to reflect on last year's proposal...


How did you both meet? 

Funnily enough we met at “Schoolies”! Over 9 years ago. We were so young! I cringe when people ask us how we met, it seems so cheesy, and not the place where people would typically expect to find their true love……but we did!


Share your engagement story with us...

I was tossing up between a few places leading up to the proposal. I remember when I picked the ring up from NMJ, and I still hadn’t locked in a solid engagement plan of attack. I remember Em (bespoke jeweller) telling me I wouldn’t be able to wait, and she was right. I was planning to hold onto the ring for a bit longer and keep working on a really unique idea, but I just couldn’t contain myself. A couple of days later, Jaycee and I were sitting down having breakfast in Newcastle and discussing how we both really needed a break from our jobs, so we literally booked an impromptu trip to Bali that morning, got our bags packed in an hour, dropped the new puppy off at our parents place and drove to Sydney that afternoon to fly out. We spent a few days in Bali just relaxing. It was the perfect scenario, as I knew Jaycee would have no idea I was planning to propose. I’m the worst Liar, Jaycee can read me like a book, so had I tried to do anything else, I think she would have cottoned on straight away. 

I conned a few of the Balinese staff at our Resort to help me pull it all off. They organised a romantic little dinner under candlelight in a private garden, it was like something out of the movies! They picked us up from our villa on a golf cart as the sun set, and whisked us off to our private little oasis. Jaycee rested her hand on my leg as we drove off, it was a bit of a bumpy ride, I quickly shifted her hand off as I was stressing she was going to feel the ring in the pocket of my jeans. I was so nervous, I proposed before the entrée came out. I had to ask her twice, she turned into an emotional wreck as soon as I dropped to my knee. The staff who helped me pull it all together, were soooo excited. Like seriously at times I was questioning who was doing the proposing.

While we were at dinner they got into our villa and quite literally let off a “rose petal bomb,” there were flowers everywhere, they filled up the bath, and made us some celebratory cocktails. It was really awesome.


What does marriage mean to you?

Cameron: I think it is really just a re-affirmation of everything I have learnt about and love about Jaycee. We met pretty young but I really think I knew pretty early that she would be a big part of my life. She has taught me so much over the years, about myself and about what we should be thankful for in our lives. We have achieved so much together, stuff I couldn’t fathom without her. Marriage is really about continuing on what we have built up over the last 9 years. I think we make a pretty solid duo and I cant wait to keep kicking those goals with her in the future... sound cheesy?, yeah that’s the inner “schoolies” coming out in me!


Jaycee: For me marriage means a gorgeous ring and a much better last name. All jokes aside marriage is a lifelong commitment not only to each other but to your families, your future children and yourselves. A commitment to love each other unconditionally and stand by and support each other when life gets tough. Cameron has taught me so much about love, life and the things that really matter. I can’t wait to grow old with my best friend. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Cameron Clement.


What drew you to Natalie Marie for the design of your engagement piece?

I have a massive respect for all things handmade and all things bespoke. I’m a carpenter myself and run a small business in Newcastle crafting concrete bench tops and furniture, and place so much appreciation in the use of your hands in your craft. I knew I had to find someone who shared a similar ethos.  I stumbled across NMJ, came to the studio and knew as soon as I walked through the door that I was in the right place. The fact that I could sit and watch all the jewellers working away at different pieces, whilst throwing ideas and designs back and forth for Jaycee's ring was really cool.


Tell us about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you? What are your favourite aspects of the piece?

The process was really smooth, and a lot easier than I anticipated. Em coordinated it perfectly, and really captured exactly what I had envisioned. I had snapped a few ideas off Jaycee's Pinterest board. So from that I knew she had a soft spot for the pear shape. We went with a pear diamond halo, with a split band, which reforms back at the sides. There is a little stone accent on each side where the band meets back up. My favourite aspect of the ring is really just the fact that it is a one off, hand made piece, the bespoke concept is really what makes it stand out.


Finally, do you guys have any wedding plans yet?

Yes we have! We are getting married in Queenstown, NZ in February next year.

We shot over there in March for an engagement shoot and to start the whole planning process.

Queenstown is a pretty special place for us, we have been there as a couple many times over the years and had some really good family holidays there too. I’m from NZ originally, and Jaycee is from Victoria, so most of our families would have had to travel to our wedding if we had it in Newcastle anyway, so we thought stuff it, lets make everyone travel, lets make a holiday out of it and lets do it in one of the coolest places we know. We’re pretty excited to share the experience of Queenstown with our closest friends and family.


Thank you Cameron and Jaycee! Wishing you both the most beautiful wedding day.


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