NMJ Lovers | Matthew & Jess

On a smokey day at Mt Baker, Washington - USA, Matthew proposed to his partner Jess. Matthew worked with our bespoke team to create the perfect forever piece for Jess - A diamond Oval Signature Solitaire. We caught up with Matthew post road trip, to find out more about the proposal and process leading up to this wonderful day...


How did you both meet? 

Jess and I both met at her Brother’s (Andy) engagement party. As a friend of Andy’s I came to celebrate him however quickly became distracted when I met a girl who introduced herself as Andy’s sister! Never once before had Andy mentioned anything about having a sister and now I know why! Exactly 2 years later on that day I proposed... 


Share your engagement story…

It was holiday time and Jess and I decided that we would take a road trip along the west coast of the US from LA to Seattle and then onwards to a small town north of Seattle called Bellingham, home of Jess’s eldest brother David and his family. Plans to propose on the peak of Artist Point at Mt Baker were set in place prior to the trip with the help of Lesley (David’s wife). Unexpectedly there were big bushfires in America at the time and so the smoke that filled the atmosphere made visibility very poor, shattering my imagination of big panoramic views you would otherwise see up at Artist Point. 

On the morning of 20th August, 2 years exactly since we had met each other at her other brother’s (Andy) engagement party we decided to go ahead despite the smoke. While Jess and I spent the afternoon at the local brewery, David and Lesley had secretly gone up to Mount Baker to find a spot and set up the surprise picnic. Without any phone reception from the mountain top I would have to rely on a note left in the men’s bathroom in the carpark to tell me the directions to walk and which trail to take. Miraculously it worked. 

As we started to walk along the trail, Jess began to realize what was happening. The surprise was completely over when we saw Bigfoot (David) running away into the bushes. Tears turned into bursts of laughter. We detoured off the path and followed the line of flowers down the hill until the surprise picnic appeared with the silhouette through the smoke of Mt Baker beyond. 

A circle of flowers marked the spot for me drop down to one knee and Alaina Davis the photographer ready in the bushes to capture the moment. It was there that I asked the most special person in my life to marry me. She said yes and we couldn’t be happier.


What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage is a commitment to our decision to love one another forever - working together as a team with one flesh, one body. It’s about giving up that last bite of cake (Jess’s favourite thing in the world), just so the other can enjoy it - choosing the other instead of ourselves. Marriage means acts of sacrifice, serving and giving out of a place of Joy. Loving and supporting each other always through rain, hail and shine. 


What drew you to Natalie Marie for the design of your engagement piece?

Natalie Marie was a stand out right from our very first consultation. With such attention to detail and genuine care and passion we knew that we were in good hands. Natalie Marie took us carefully through the process, step by step making it not only intimate and personal but also so enjoyable! It was clear to us that Natalie Marie made rings that had a clarity to them with very high quality and workmanship; fine, precisely made and overall timeless. 


Tell us about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you? What are your favourite aspects of the piece?

The ring I chose for Jess was a classic oval signature solitaire (Jess had hinted that this is what she would love). Natalie Marie could not have done it more beautifully! We love the way the fine square band contrasts the classic oval diamond shape and makes the diamond the hero of the piece. The very fine and elegant claws suspend the diamond up in the air allowing light to catch it from above and below making it constantly change depending on the light. So simple yet full of detail and clarity. 


And finally...have you made any wedding plans yet?

Yes we have our wedding booked for next March 2019 at Three Blue Ducks which we couldn’t be more excited about! Jess has already scoped out a crown ring from Natalie Marie to accompany her solitaire on the big day! We cant wait to have that made! 

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