Calvin proposing to Eunica on the headland in Sydney over seeing the ocean

Sharing our clients love stories is one of the most special parts of what we do here at NMJ, and our latest couple melted our hearts the moment we saw how Cal proposed to Euns, including turning a Natalie Marie Jewellery ring box into a music box, playing Euns favourite song.

Here they share with us not only what love means to them and the moment they are most looking forward to on their wedding day, but also the series of events which may have postponed their proposal. but didn't make it any less perfect... 


You recently got engaged, congratulations! Can you tell us a little bit about the proposal?

The lead up to the proposal was chaotic to say the least; Cal had planned to propose on a Saturday but had to delay the big plan due to a series of unfortunate events (nothing major, just a forgotten laptop, a 0% battery phone, and the horrors of driving in Sydney without a navigation system!).

Cal made the call to postpone our engagement until sunrise the next day and thankfully we have a wonderful group of friends who were immediately on board. When we finally arrived, we were greeted with a gorgeously painted sky, Cal led me to the picnic that our friends had set up for us and the rest is history... 


Euns, what was your reaction when you saw your engagement piece for the first time?

It was breathtaking. Cal had spent time placing a music box playing 'Moon River' (from my favourite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's) perfectly into the ring box. The moment and the engagement ring were both absolutely perfect, although it all may have been a bit blurry through the tears of joy!

What does marriage mean to you both?

Marriage to us is a lifetime commitment to loving and growing together. 


Cal, we’d love to know why you chose NMJ to help create the perfect engagement ring for Euns. How was your experience and how did you end up with the solitaire ring that you did?

Euns knew exactly what she wanted so it wasn't hard to pick an engagement ring at all. Euns wanted something very simple so we went with a classic solitaire ring, but she also loves flowers and floral arranging so we wanted a hidden tulip setting as well.

The team at Natalie Marie Jewellery were so helpful and friendly, making the process super easy & enjoyable. A huge shoutout to our Bespoke Designer, Eliana, for being the absolute sweetest human being we've ever met!

What are you most looking forward to on your special day? Have you decided on a particular wedding style?

We are so looking forward to celebrating our love with our close family and friends. We hope to have a slow and relaxed day, and we are particularly looking forward to our last dance, where it's just us and the empty reception hall, a moment for us to take it all in before saying goodbyes to our guests.


At NMJ, at the heart of everything we do is love. Tough question, but tell us, what do you know about love?

To us love is breakfast in bed, it's dreaming and venturing. It's slow dancing in our kitchenette, it's uncontrollable laughter, but love is also growing pains as it's supporting each other through difficult times, accepting one another's imperfections, and creating a safe haven for each other to dwell in.

We've learned that love is patient and kind, humble and gentle, and indescribably beautiful. We believe that we love because we've first been loved by a God who's given us the perfect example of love and while we may not know everything about love, we are so eager to spend the rest of our lives finding out together. 

PC: @courtneymielle