NMJ Lovers | Georgia and Austin

After crossing paths whilst travelling in Europe, both Georgia and Austin knew it was just meant to be. Their connection was instant and their shared desires for the future solidified their love for each other even further. As we celebrate the unending capacity of the heart to hold love, its stories like Georgia and Austin's, which continue to inspire us. 


Firstly, we’d love to learn more about your love story. Where did it all begin?

Georgia - Is there anything more clique than falling in love on your European gap year? We were both 18, bouncing from hostel to hostel, living off cheap wine and spending our days sunkissed and salty. I was traveling with my best friend Lily and Austin was traveling with friends of his own. Our first kiss was in the thick of a sweaty night club in Barcelona (so romantic). From then on, I would look for any excuse to meet up with the boys. Neither of us were looking for a long term relationship, but naturally, things fell into place. Austin and I made it official while holidaying on the Amalfi Coast. 2 weeks later we signed a rental lease for an apartment in London together!

Austin - We knew of each other while we were in school, both being from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. However, it wasn’t until we met overseas in Spain that we began talking. I remember talking to her about her music taste and thinking “wow this girl is so cool”. Queue a ‘cat-and-mouse’ chase all over Europe for the next few months until we finally decided to make it official when I asked her to be my girlfriend on the Amalfi Coast in a private house we had rented with our friends. It was definitely tough to top this when it came to thinking of proposal ideas. What do you love most about your life together today?

Georgia - I think we do a really good job of complimenting each other. I am a highly emotional, go-go-go extrovert, where Austin is more calm, logical and composed. We make a really great team and he’s my best friend. We laugh, we cry, we travel, we cook, we play cards. We slow dance in the kitchen. We play tennis together on the weekends. We lean on each other when needed. Our life together is full and vibrant and fun.

Austin - As much as we have shared some amazing holidays and moments in our lives together, for me it’s the day-to-day things. Being able to come home at the end of the day and be comfortable just being our uniquely weird selves. Finding excitement in the little things like grabbing a coffee or going to the beach together.


How did Austin propose to you? What do you remember most about this special moment?

The proposal was a complete surprise and definitely took me AT LEAST 2 weeks for it to sink in. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in November 2022 and we had a picnic planned with friends. We arrived at the beautiful North Curl Curl headland to a romantic picnic set up with roses, a cheese board and champagne… but no friends in sight. Austin grabbed my hand and told me about his dreams of building a family together. There was a brief moment where he couldn't find the ring (which had been hidden under the picnic blanket), which made for some good comedic relief. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

One of the most memorable parts was when my best friend and both our families emerged from the bushes around us. Amongst the tears, we celebrated and drank champagne. It was by far the best day of my life. The next day I wrote down the day in as much detail as possible so I wouldn’t forget its magic. What are you most looking forward to on your special day? Have you decided on a particular wedding style?

Georgia - It still feels so surreal that we are going to have a wedding! I am most looking forward to walking down the aisle and standing hand in hand with my future husband, exchanging our vows. I’ve always dreamed of getting married on a property, a Spring garden style wedding. I would also love to incorporate some unique elements of our relationship into the wedding so it feels authentically us. I’m a professional kids entertainer, and we’re known amongst our friendship group for whipping out the disco lights and costumes after a few drinks. We’ve also got a magician coming to the engagement party, so anything is possible! 

Austin - We are planning to have our wedding on a property and so the thought of having all of our closest friends and family staying either onsite or nearby, celebrating Georgia and I is really exciting. I am most looking forward to seeing my fiancé (and future wife) walk down the aisle, with all of our friends and family being there to share the moment. The reception should be a bit of a hoot too. At NMJ, at the heart of everything we do is love. Tough question, but tell us, what do you know about love?

Georgia - Love, for me, can be found in little moments between all the big momentous ones. Sure, Austin and I like to do extravagant things once in awhile… fancy hotels, dinners, helicopter rides, glamorous holidays, but that’s not our everyday. 

I think love is the coffee he brings me on a Saturday morning, the way he holds my hand through Woolworths, when he puts on the doona cover (because he knows I resent putting on the doona cover). Love is when he learns my favourite song on the guitar, leaves me the last row of KitKat, or blasts Lizzo if he knows I need a pick-me-up. 

Austin - To me love is the deepest form of connection you can have with someone. It’s that feeling of excitement that lingers in your chest. Knowing what the other person is thinking and feeling without having to say a thing. Love for me is the feeling of being “home”. I wake up next to Georgia every day, and even with her mouthguard in, I get a buzz knowing that she is my partner and best friend. Loving someone is when she pretends to be interested in the things I like - like Formula 1 or football (which we are still working on). It’s the support and encouragement Georgia gives me to journey beyond my comfort zone, be it small or large steps, knowing that it will make me a better person. It’s every hug, kiss or “love you” we share.


Captured by Kate Sutherland 

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