NMJ Lovers | Jamila & Andrew

As we celebrate the unending capacity of the heart to hold love, its stories like Jamila and Andrew's, which continue to inspire us. Finding each other in high school, it was just meant to be for Jamila and Andrew. Their love has blossomed over the past twelve years, into a love like no other, grounded by their devotion to eternal love. Join us as Jamila and Andrew open their hearts, and share with us what they loved most about their special day, and what meaning their NMJ pieces hold. 


Wedding Date: December 2nd 2021

Location: Oberon

Venue: Waldara farm

Dress: Made with love - "Harlow"


Can you tell us a little bit about your love story? Where did it all begin?

We’re high school sweethearts! We met 12 years ago in year 7, we had a small class so we knew each other but never really had a proper conversation until a party in year 11. From there it just flourished,  we were suddenly texting till 2-3am in the morning, chatting at school and using any free periods at school to catch the train to explore random places. Fast forward 6 years, Andrew pulled off the most beautiful surprise proposal in the mountains. I was on a hike with my friends and suddenly I saw Andrew waiting at the top of the mountain for me. It was surreal. 


Andrew, tell us about the moment you realised Jamila was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with... 

She has always been a caring and loving person no matter who you ask, but to me it was something I had never felt before. She made me feel safe like no one had ever made me feel, she knew exactly how to react to what I would say and I knew she would always be by my side. Not long after we started dating, I remember walking her to her car after a party and there was a moment that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Where and when did you get married - tell us a little about your day? 

We got married near the mountains on Waldara Farm in Oberon. On the 2nd of December 2021, we were lucky enough to not have to postpone our wedding at all due to Covid. It felt like a little holiday as we checked into the venue the day before to set up and hang out with the bridal party and family. On our wedding day, me and Andrew actually quickly met up in our pyjamas to read the bible and talk out any nerves! Our ceremony wasn't until 3pm so the girls had plenty of time getting ready while the boys played tennis. Neither of us are fans of public speaking so we kept our ceremony very relaxed with our friend on guitar and confetti toss to walk us back down the aisle. 

From here on the day went so fast! We quickly had canapes with guests and then had a fun photoshoot. One of our favourite memories from the day was our bridal parties entrances into the reception and also seeing everything come together, from the florals, neon signs, and our wedding cake. Our reception flew by, with most time spent in our photobooth. Then at the end of the night we spent time with our bridal party in our house in the spa, talking about the day and going through photos. Then we were off to our Fiji honeymoon! Aside from eternal love, what do your rings mean to you both?

Apart from us just really loving how our rings look, our rings are a visual representation of our vows to each other. They are kind of like a daily reminder of the blessings in our life that we can keep physically close to ourselves. Most importantly, they signify our commitment to each other and they hold a sense of security and devotion. 


Jamila, what is one tip you can give future brides?

Have a backup wet weather plan that you love!! We had one but I was so caught up with my love for our outdoor ceremony location. It poured down rain half an hour before our ceremony, which halted a lot of the setting up. However, the sunshine came out just in time for me to walk down the aisle! I think if we had a backup option that I was equally excited for it would have saved everyone a lot of stress. At NMJ, at the heart of everything we do is love. Tough question, but tell us, what do you know about love? 

For us, we have gone through so many stages of life with each other. We've found that even once you think you've reached the pinnacle of being in love it is still possible to fall more and more in love. Love is somebody that you can call home and something that grows as you learn more about each other and go through daily life with each other. Love is more than a feeling, but it is making a conscious choice to stand by each other through the highs and lows. 


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