NMJ Lovers | Lauren & Ben

Introducing our latest feature couple Lauren and Ben. Lauren and Ben came to us looking to create a bespoke engagement ring for Lauren which perfectly represented their love story - a stunning emerald cut Morganite and Diamond ring. As their special day came together, we worked with them again to complete Lauren and Ben's wedding sets. We caught up with the newlyweds to look back at how they met, their special day & the process of handcrafting the perfect rings.


Wedding Date: 06/10/8

Location: Terrigal, (Central Coast) and Yarramalong Valley (Central Coast). NSW

Venue: The forest Chapel (Ceremony) & Yarramalong Valley Farm Stay (Reception)

Dress: "Oceana" Willowby by Watters


How did you both meet?

Ben and I grew up together as childhood neighbours! It had been years and years since we had spoken, and thinking about it, with a 9 year age gap, there was no chance we would have spoken till we were all grown up.

It was such a chance meet when we bumped into each other at our local beer garden, we got along like a house on fire and soon realised love was at our finger tips the whole time and there was no way we were letting it go.

Our parents are still neighbours to this day!


Where and when did you get married - tell us a little about your day?

We got married at the beginning of October 2018, at Yarramalong Valley on the Central Coast. We are both quite relaxed in the way we approach life, and we had always envisioned a laid back style wedding, out in the open, with a great band and incredibly yummy food. Just mingling and dancing the night away. 

So we created just that! 

We designed a grand Sperry Tent marquee, filled with bamboo tables and lounges, scattered brass vases and Moroccan style rugs and floor cushions covering the woven floor. The tent was lined with fairy lights and had an incredible centre piece arrangement made by my florist. We strung festoon lights spanning outside of the tent over bar tables and stools, with our vintage bubble drink van which served drinks to our guests. We picked Mexican style street food to be served canape style, and a Balinese band with bongos. It really was like our own little festival!

Our ceremony on the other hand was intimate, extremely heart felt and emotional yet quirky, set in amongst the most beautiful forest chapel we had ever seen. As soon as we visited the venue, our hearts melted and we knew it was it!

Long timber pews were lined up in the forest, over looking small a timber stage. The canopy of forest completely covered the sky but let in just enough light through to shine on our special day.


What was the highlight?

The highlight of our day was the exchanging of vows. Something that we both agreed we wanted to keep secret until the day. It was the most emotional and heart felt ceremony we had ever been to, with not a dry eye in the house.


Tell us about your NMJ rings, what did that process look like? What drew you to Natalie Marie for your wedding pieces? 

After finding Natalie Marie through Instagram, we knew that her gorgeous, fine bespoke jewellery was the perfect match for us. Natalie's style is just so simple, elegant and unique.  

We made quite a few trips to Avalon to have appointments with the team to gather the concept of my beautiful three rings as well as Bens wedding band. Well worth the two hour drive to meet these gorgeous girls!


What do your rings mean to you?

Every element of our wedding set has a strong symbolic meaning to both of us. Thanks to Natalie and her staff making suggestions and helping come up the concept, we now have something very sentimental to pass down to our children one day. Not to mention such a stunning and well made piece to resemble us and our story.


Photography: White Lane Studios