NMJ Lovers | Lauren and Corrie featured image


It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without celebrating our latest feature couple in our NMJ Lovers series. Meet Lauren and Corrie, the most lovely couple who we had had the pleasure of meeting as they went on the journey to find the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands and of course, Lauren's surprise earrings from Corrie on their special day. Keep reading for a sneak peek into their day...


Wedding Date: 12th of October 2019

Location: Gerringong, NSW

Venue: Seacliff House

Dress: The ‘Dolce’ gown by Jane Hill Bridal

Photographer: Heart and the Sea


How did you both meet? 

Five years ago, we met at Bungalow 8 In Darling Harbour. We both tell the story of how we met very differently. Corrie thinks he walked into the bar, pointed at me and said “I’m going to marry that girl”. That was not the case haha. A few hours later, I was at the bar and my friend pushed me into Corrie and said “have you met my friend, Lauren?”. That was the first time Corrie looked at me. Here we are, two sausages dogs and a wedding later. 


Where and when did you get married - tell us a little about your day?

We got married down in Gerringong, on the South Coast of NSW. Growing up in Camden and spending a lot of time down on the South Coast, I knew Gerringong would be a beautiful place to get married. 

Our ceremony was intimate and filled with so much love all around us. We kept our vows a secret until the day, reading them to one another was a memorable moment in time. 

The reception continued through to the Barn at Seacliff House. We had a caravan bar, delicious food and the most amazing acoustic singer. The set up, vibe and the whole evening was exactly what we dreamt of. 

Everyone says how fast the day goes, so we promised each other that we would try to take in little moments together. One of our favourite moments of the day was towards the end of the night. We were outside, just the two of us, grabbing a cocktail at the bar. We turned around and took in all of our closest family and friends having the most fun time on the dance floor. Knowing that we had manifested and created the most special wedding day, is something we will remember forever. 


What was the highlight? 

Seeing each other down the other end of the aisle. I will never forgot coming around the corner and seeing the look on Corrie’s face. He was crying and was filled with so much emotion, I don’t remember seeing anyone else when I walked down the aisle, other than him. 


Tell us about your NMJ rings, what did that process look like? What drew you to Natalie Marie for your wedding pieces?  

I had asked for the Mini Initial Ring for Christmas. Knowing that I had always wanted to be part of the process with choosing my ring, Corrie proposed with the mini initial ring, engraved with a ‘C’, which was such a sweet ring to propose with. 

Once we had soaked up a little of the engagement love, we headed in to the Natalie Marie store. The first ring I saw in the window was the Precious Rutilated Quartz Ring, and I said to Corrie “that’s the one”. There was something about the warm tones in the stone against the rose gold that I absolutely adored. I loved the specific stone that was on display in the window so much, that bespoke designer Em organised to have my ring created with that stone. 

Choosing our wedding bands together was one of our favourite moments. We both left the store feeling so happy. I had plans to add to my wedding stack over the years. Instead, Corrie said let’s get them all. I adore my wedding stack. 


What do your rings mean to you?

Our rings are so special because they remind us of moments in time. Of when we got engaged, moments throughout our engagement, and most importantly placing them on each other’s fingers when we became Husband and Wife. 

Our Natalie Marie pieces are so sentimental to us, we can’t wait to continue to grow our collection over the years to come. 


Lauren, tell us about the moment Corrie surprised you with the Diamond Sun Studs

I had a fair idea that Corrie was going to give me some earrings to wear on our day, as he had said “don’t buy yourself earrings”. Which made me nervous haha. When we went in to the store to pick our wedding bands, I saw the Diamond Sun Studs and fell in love with them. Corrie did a great job remembering and gifting them to me. 

To sit there, on the lounge with my closest friends and opening the NMJ gift box was something so special. After reading his beautiful words in his card and then finding the most perfect earrings, I couldn’t have asked for more. They were the perfect, subtle and classic addition to my accessories. I haven’t taken them off since.