NMJ Memoirs | Amber and Bronte

NMJ Memoirs is a series that advocates for love for all. A series filled with stories that will teach you, guide you, move you, surprise you. A series of love stories. Of human stories. A chance meeting became a lifelong love for Amber and Bronte and here they share with us their experience with love. 


“We met at an interesting time in our lives - neither of us were looking for love, certainly not from each other and certainly not where we started our love.

Picture a dirty-ish pub in a grubby-ish area following a beautifully fun beginning to a mutual friend’s birthday celebration. It should be noted that we probably met some time in 2004, though neither of us recall - an older/younger sister scenario where we actually attended the same school, at the same time for a year, though a few years apart. This meeting in 2018 however, we’ll never forget. We caught eyes and recognised each other, exchanged hellos, had a little bit of a chat, then parted ways to be with the friends we’d attended the party with. A few hours and a few drinks later and a chance meeting on the dance floor saw fireworks fly and an instant connection was made. We barely left each other’s sides from this moment on.We have spoken of our previous experiences of love and while we thought we were in love, we constantly had that feeling of, ‘Is this really it?’ Since meeting each other, we quickly realised that those experiences weren’t true love.

Our experience with love is that it came so easily to us but even so, we work hard for our love. We fight, we argue, we communicate to make up. We dance and sing; we write love-notes, we offer help and advice, we care and we sometimes mess up. We love to hug and touch and kiss. We parent our divine 17-year-old son together. While he’s the best thing since well before sliced bread, parenting is hard. Navigating family love without bias and ensuring fairness is really hard. Parenting a teenager is really really hard. We’ve been to see a couples counsellor who helped us navigate tricky merry-go-round arguments. We reflect and we debrief, we try to be the best us we can be. We speak the same love language and we want the same future.We’ve realised that eye contact can speak louder than words. Sometimes letting down your guard can be the bravest and most love-filled thing you can do. For us, a look in the eyes was definitely an indication of our mutual and deep love at a very early stage and we often reflect on how a gaze into one another’s eyes is all we need to feel secure once more.We lost a baby in 2020 and at the time it felt like recovery wasn’t possible. We had built a life and a future for our little spud. Rebuilding after loss has been a pinnacle moment within our story. The support we were able to give and take from each other built an even stronger bond. We’ve come to realise, it’s not really the good times but the hard times that build stronger love.

We are so happy to say, very publicly, that we are expecting another beautiful baby in early 2023. One thing we are most excited about is to watch Mac be the best, most incredible big brother. Mac has been with us every step of the way while we’ve been trying to continue to grow our little family. He’s amazing with children and has his own special love language.


We feel lucky every day to experience the love we do. It is unique, it is powerful, it is forever.


Captured by Tealily. Our NMJ Memoir series are captured virtually, allowing for honest portraits with genuine connection and candid moments at the helm , all within in the comfort of their own space.

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